Some of my favorite Vacations/Trips in my Life

I decided to do a fresh list of some of my favorite trips in my life. This can be anything from a pilgrimage or a day trip or a long weekend vacation or a week long vacation. Some of the ones, I believe, some are going to be expected. These happened at different parts of my life- some happened with ONLY my family or to a further extent extended family or could be with my church family.


  • Of all the extended family vacations, this one was the most memorable. From multiple hiking to rafting to geocaching to a glacier cruise to hanging out- it surely made Alaska memorable. We traveled throughout Alaska: starting at Anchorage . We went with Tauck Bridges- we went from place to place by bus. This all happened over the summer of 2011.


  • This did not happen with my entire family. This only happened between my mom and I- that is what it made so special. From Times Square to American Girl to Central Park to Wicked on Broadway made that trip special. The fact that it was only my mom and I was special. I was only 12, and this was August 2006. It is crazy to think about how young I was when I first saw Wicked.

Bristol Pilgrimage

Describing this trip is not easy. It was spiritual and transforming in so many ways. In Summer of 2015, the adult choir at my family church was in residence at Bristol Cathedral- as in singing all week, but first the pilgrims would enjoy a little time in London. My family took the early route and arrived two days early- the pilgrimage began July 31st- my family was in London beginning on July 29th. We went up early to start to get used to the time change, and just to get a little bit more of London. After all, the pilgrims during the pilgrimage would only get 2 and 1/2 days.

So- Platform 9 and 3/4, Les Mis (dream come true-July 30th with understudy as Valjean), three castles (Windsor, Berkeley, and Chepstow), Bath, Tintern Abbey, Stonehenge (mountain-top moment), Old Sarum, 10 church services (one Evensong at Westminster, one Eucharist at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, one Evensong at Salisbury Cathedral, one Eucharist and six evensongs at Bristol Cathedral). The services that mattered the most were the ones at Bristol Cathedral- after all they are the adult choir at my family church. It was truly at the FINAL evensong where I knew just how transforming the pilgrimage was- it was during the anthem, and I started crying: that reaction was how I knew how transforming the pilgrimage was.

I don’t know why it is so hard to think of others. I know about vacations I do love such as Lake Tahoe or Chicago or the long weekends up in the mountains. I wish I could have listed more than the three I mentioned- just the first ones that came to mind first.

4 thoughts on “Some of my favorite Vacations/Trips in my Life

  1. It’s so awesome that you have so many travel-related memories linked with a variety of amazing places! It’ll be interesting to see what sorts of memories you make on future trips as well!


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