Openings of Musicals

There is the opening part of a musical. They are the ones that drive us into the musical. Here are a few examples.

  1. Circle of Life
  2. Santa Fe (Prologue)
  3. Overture- Phantom of the Opera
  4. Magic to Do
  5. Jellice Songs for Jellice Cats
  6. No One Mourns The Wicked
  7. Tradition
  8. Grease
  9. Overture/Rock Island
  10. Overture/Work Song
  11. Prelude and Sound of Music
  12. Oh, What a Beautiful Morning

What are some other openings you can think of?

2 thoughts on “Openings of Musicals

  1. I love opening scenes! They’re so exciting and sometimes are some of the best numbers. My personal favorite opening is “Alle tanzten mit dem Tod” from Elisabeth because I think it sets up the whole musical perfectly and it’s just so powerful! I love all of the ones you mentioned here, too! Hadestown’s opening number is awesome too; I love listening to it!


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