If my Fairy Frogs were in a Musical

I thought of a crazy idea for a post today. It is already known my Fairy Frogs are naturally gifted in the arts. What parts of the creative team or on stage would my Fairy Frogs be if they were on stage? I decided to be creative and answer in this post.

Tweetsie (Spoiler)- This is where I spoil what 5-year-old Tweetsie’s craft will be. In my book, she will discover that she will be a performer. That means she will be a triple-threat. I can see her making her professional debut as a child actor- starting out as a character like Annie or Young Cosette or something like that. She has the gift to do so- even though she discovered her craft close to being six years old.

Celeste- she is my potter. What on earth can something in pottery can even do? Looks like she is someone like me who can’t be in the creative team or be on stage. Her craft does make it hard. Unless, the set requires a piece of pottery or something like that.

Misty- she can be someone who writes lyrics. I don’t think she can be on stage. Well, she could be on stage in a role who doesn’t dance. She is a singer after all, but doesn’t have a craft for dance. She knows how to write music- both lyrics and the melodies itself- that is why I said lyricist- I think she also could be a composer.

Sparkle- Sparkle’s craft gives her the ability to work in different parts of the creative team. She is a drawer. My automatic thought was costume designer- I think she will be good in other areas. Being a drawer does allow her that- to be in more than one part of the creative team.

Darcy- Darcy knows how to build sculptures. He can build part of the set- not all of it because he is not a carpenter. He will not be able to fully read it, but will know if something is off on a small model of the set.

Felipe- Felipe is similar to Darcy. He is a woodcarver- similar craft to Darcy, but different. He will be part of the same crew as Darcy.

Aries-He is the head carpenter of Fairy Creek. So he is a carpenter. He will be someone who be able to overlook the entire building of a set. He actually could design a set. He will be able to read the design and build a model and after knowing if it is the best, will be able to overlook the entire building of the set on the stage. He is used to overlooking several projects- not just something related to his craft.

My toads- they are not naturally gifted in my arts. They will be the ones who will go to previews and dress rehearsals. If they even participate in the creative team or on stage, they will have to train a lot- most likely, I think Marge will want to be the most involved. I don’t know why it will be her, but I think it has something to do with her wisdom. I don’t think Sarge will want to be on stage or in the creative team or go to the shows, but it will definitely help him.

Author: mphtheatregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog mainly is about musicals. Every so often I talk about spirituality. Sometimes I add in movie reviews, book reviews, and about my life in general. I hope you find my blog inspiring.

One thought on “If my Fairy Frogs were in a Musical”

  1. I loved this post; it was so cute to be able to read more about the different frogs’ crafts. I could just see everything you were describing and I loved it!


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