Fairy Frogs Tag

This tag I created is very original. This one is based entirely off the character of my Fairy Frogs book. That is why it is very original.


  1. Thank the Blogger than nominated you and link back to their blog
  2. Answer the thirteen questions
  3. Tag four other bloggers
  4. This is a writing tag- you can use both printed and your characters

The Tag: since this is my tag, I basically already answered the questions.

Aries (the confident leader who still can make mistakes): Why Aries, he is a confident leader because he is a good leader. However, he can doubt himself at times. Plus, he did make the mistake creating the rule that “the Fairy Frogs can never interact with the toads or enter Graysloup”. He did not realize when he made the rule that not all the toads are disrespectful.

Darcy (the character who will give advice to someone they love): Darcy is Aries’ nephew. He does give advice to his Uncle when he notices that Aries is doubting himself.

Felipe (the character, who will always be with their best friend): a lot of times you do see Felipe with Darcy.

Misty (the quite protective character): Misty is quite protective of Sparkle. She does not want her best friend to get in trouble. When she thinks Sparkle might be in Graysloup, she does not automatically ask Aries to look for her best friend, she goes to Darcy and Felipe. When she finds out the truth, she does not want to tell Aries.

Sparkle (the main character who go above and beyond to do the right thing): A key characteristic of Fairy Frogs is that they are deeply compassionate. Sparkle does go above and beyond with her compassion. When she discovers that Marge, a toad her age, is being mistreated by her cousin, she ends up befriending her even though she knows it is against the rules.  She knows it is the right thing to do, and she even goes as far as asking Aries if all the Fairy Frogs can befriend all the toads.

Celeste (a character who is at an exciting part in their life): This is true for Celeste. She is only 8 and a potter. At age 8 for the Fairy Frogs, it is exciting fo them. This is when they really start experimenting for their craft. She is starting to add a little bit of detail to her pots- that is all she knows how to make at this age.

Tweetsie (the very young energetic, but yet brave character): Yes, she is 5. In the beginning, all you know of her is that she is quite energetic. You think she is only energetic. Eventually, you find she is more than that. She has this level of braveness- she does stand up to Sarge at one point and eventually enters Graysloup. That is one of their missions, probably their hardest, and most dangerous.

Norg (the secondary antagonist, whose mindset changes in the center of the story): Yes, he is a secondary antagonist. He is an interesting antagonist. He has a lot of development. He starts out as Sarge’s spy, but at one point his view on Sarge changes. He goes from Sarge’s spy to siding with the Fairy Frogs.

Sarge (the main antagonist who had a heartbreaking past- but surprises you in the end): He had a mother who left him at age 3 or so. Then he was left with an abusive father (ironically his uncle, Marge’s father was loving). From the age his mother left him to 13, his father abused and mistreated him- it started out in words and soon became physical so Sarge was left with emotional and physical wounds. His only comfort growing up was “The Bog”- that was the only place in Graysloup his father couldn’t hurt him. He is angry, confused, jealous, and filled with a lot of pain. He never was shown any kindness. He cannot see any of the compassion and love that literally is right in front of him throughout the story. He gets worse during the course of the story (kinda becoming more like his father)- but the ending surprised me- I thought he had a less than a 1% of redeeming himself, but he actually did.

Marge (the character who will stand up to a relative who does not treat them well): Marge is only 12 years old, but she is the easiest target for Sarge. I don’t blame him since she is his Uncle’s daughter. She started being mistreated by him when she was 8 years old. She kept on standing up to him- at such a young age. She kept on telling him to move out of Graysloup or clean up his act, but he never listened.

Effa/Rudy (two characters who are like two peas in a pod)- they are two identical sisters who are what I said “two peas in a pod”. They are that close to each other. They actually helped prevent Sarge from removing all of the painted pebbles that the Fairy Frogs placed in Graysloup.


Since I started it myself, I leave it open to anyone.

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