May 2019 in Review

It now is June-May does have its highlights. May felt more like Summer then Spring- did May skip a season?

Italy Concert- Charlotte

This year the adult choir at my family church went on their 2nd pilgrimage abroad. The 1st was in England- more specifically Bristol; those who have been on my blog for some time know this was the pilgrimage I attended. The week before the adult choir went on their Italy Pilgrimage did a concert at my family church singing all the songs they would be doing in Italy. I ended up going to that concert- I wasn’t going to Italy. The songs I heard did bring me back to Bristol.

Charlotte Shout:

While I did not see a musical in May, I did do a Blumenthal event. That event was Charlotte Shout. This event was celebrating Charlotte’s 250th birthday. Charlotte events was spread all throughout Uptown (Charlotte calls Downtown “Uptown”). At night, prisms, seesaws, and gigantic bunnies were illuminated. It was cool to watch aerial dancers literally dancing on the side of the a building, and men, who were pirates were climbing up on poles.

Les Misérables Masterpiece PBS Series:

Yes, April began the series. May was the final three weeks. I was kind of nervous at first watching Les Misérables. I was so used to Les Misérables with the songs. I was wondering how can I appreciate Les Mis without the songs. What I did love about the series is how it expanded the characters’ backstories. The problem is there was not enough episodes that certain elements had to be rushed- rushed as in way too quickly. My interpretation of Les Misérables- as in characters- is a combo of musical, book, and my actors/actresses. You can still be a massive fan of the musical and love watching it without the songs.


Of everything that happened in May, it was Charlotte Shout I loved the most. Charlotte Shout was the first event I saw with Blumenthal (I believe) that wasn’t on stage. Different events happened at different times in the day- only the seesaws, prisms, field of wheat, and the bunnies will stay illuminated for a while. It was Tall Tales and the Aerial Dancers that had a specific time. Hard to believe Charlotte was 250 years old.

Author: mphtheatregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog mainly is about musicals. Every so often I talk about spirituality. Sometimes I add in movie reviews, book reviews, and about my life in general. I hope you find my blog inspiring.

One thought on “May 2019 in Review”

  1. It looks like you’ve had a pretty fun month of May! It’s crazy to think that it’s June already; yikes! 😅 This year is going by so fast!


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