Les Misérables-Episode 6

May 19th marked the end of the PBS Masterpiece Les Mis mini series. Today’s post is about the final episode. We left the 5th episode with Valjean leaving his house to go to the barricade.

Major Spoilers:

I thought this episode would start with Valjean. I was wrong. It actually started with Gavroche going back to the barricade. He ended up reporting to the students that another attack was about to happen. Valjean eventually arrived, and soon enough helped shield the barricade even more. So the first death in this series was Gavroche, but it was sooner than I expected. I thought Gavroche would die right before the final attack- but I was wrong.

Gavroche died right before Valjean would release Javert. That was surprising. Once again, this episode had to speed things up. After Valjean left the cafe after releasing Javert, you already were in the final battle. I thought it would happen latter- then again, a lot had to happen. The sewers took up a lot more time- I believe- then it took in the musical. Thenardier actually let Valjean go once he got to the gate. About the uprising, there was a scene where you saw everyone who died.

You saw Javert let Valjean take Marius to his grandfather and you saw Javert take Valjean back to his house- things that are in the book, but not in the musical. All of this would eventually led to Javert’s suicide.

You soon got back to Marius. He was the only survivor of the uprising. He was seriously injured though. You saw one of those dreams he was having from the book. After he was fully recovered, Valjean confessed the truth to Marius about his past, but not the fact that he was the reason why Marius survived.

Six months after Cosette and Marius got married, Marius would learn the truth about why he lived. Thenardier would confess the truth. They arrive at the convent- I thought they would find Valjean in bed or in a wheelchair since Valjean was dying. They found him gardening. Cosette and Marius were there at the time of his death.

I still feel like this mini series needed at least a seventh episode- some things were speed up too much- like the uprising for instance.


Author: mphtheatregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog mainly is about musicals. Every so often I talk about spirituality. Sometimes I add in movie reviews, book reviews, and about my life in general. I hope you find my blog inspiring.

6 thoughts on “Les Misérables-Episode 6”

  1. Oh, wow! It feels like this series had just started; I can’t believe it’s over already! It sounds like it was pretty good, though, which is awesome! I had been a little worried about it initially. It’s too bad they had to rush through some parts but I’m glad they did it! I can’t wait to actually watch it when school’s out in a few weeks!


  2. I really enjoyed this show and like you said I felt that it needed a seventh episode because everything was rushed.
    What did you think of the Enjolras death scene? I was a bit dissapointed that they chose to not have Grantaires and Enjolas last moments together and the famous words but instead made it a bit…I don´t know, funny than it was in the book. Gosh I really hoped they would respect the book in that case, but yet again, no. Maybe someday.


    1. Well, I felt like the final battle happened too soon- as in it just happened- meaning the uprising bits in ep. 6th were way too rushed- they are characters I do love. You never really got to spend time in that ep.

      I kept on losing track of who was Enjolras at times- as a character I know who he is. In the musical, you always are fully aware which of the actors is Enjolras, but in this series- much harder.

      I really wanted to spend more time in terms of the uprising.


      1. It was the costume that made it difficult that made to figure who Enjolras was.

        However- in the musical, the costume in act I/act II, you always knew exactly which actor belonged to Enjolras.

        In Les Misérables- it is important to know which actor is Enjolras since he is the leader of the students.


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