Les Misérables Series-Episode 4

Now I have watched four episodes of the Les Misérables series. I was waiting until there was a time jump into 1832. Finally it happened. The last episode ended at Valjean and Cosette escaping into the convent- so there needed to be a time jump. Two of my favorite storylines of Les Misérables are the romance and the uprising- that happens later in the storyline- in 1832- and that wasn’t part of episode 3.

Major Spoilers:

In the beginning of this series, you see that Cosette has finally grown up. I was wondering when that time jump would happen. Valjean and Cosette are still living at Covent. Cosette convinces her adopted father that it is time for them to move out because she wants to see more of the world. They move into Rue Plumet, and they do go on walks into the Luxembourg Gardens.

Now we are back on a grown up Marius. Marius finds out the truth about his father. He realizes he has been lied to by his grandfather all of these years about his father. Learning this does help make Marius a complex character. His grandfather tells Marius to move out after Marius blows up on him after telling him “why did you lie to me all of these years”. Where Marius moves to is the same place the Thenardiers currently live. At some point in this episode, Marius meets Courfeyrac, who introduces him to The Friends of The ABC- finally we meet them. The Friends of the ABC are some of my favorite characters in the book and musical- it their brotherly love for each other and their passion for the cause that makes me love them so much.

This is the episode where Marius and Cosette first meet. Instead of Marius and Cosette learning each others names at Cosette’s house, they learn each others’ name where they first met, which never happened in the musical or the book. So, this episode begins the love Marius and Cosette have. I still love the two of them together, and my opinion will never change.

I will go back to the Thenardiers again- now they are living as the Jondrettes next door to Marius. Their poverty has gotten worse- they are now living in extreme poverty. You do notice that Gavroche is no longer living with them. Only Azelma and Eponine are living with them-you see Monsieur Thenardier showing his abuse on Eponine. You see Eponine delivering the letters, which are hoaxes. Eponine does recognize that Marius does have a good heart when they first interacted. Marius is able to look through a peek hole, and actually sees how terrible this family is treating their daughters and learns of the robbery that will happen later, and reports this to Javert.

The episode ends at the “Robbery”. The next episode will focus more on the romance between Marius and Cosette and the rebellion.




14 thoughts on “Les Misérables Series-Episode 4

    • This is coming from someone who really loves the musical. I was worried coming in that I may not like it due to not having the songs. I was surprised that I wound up enjoying it from the first episode- it goes from the book and you learn a lot more about characters’ backstories. It is closer to the book.


  1. Glad to hear that it’s continuing to stack up to expectations! I really need to catch up–though I have a feeling the series might be done by the time I get around to it 😬! I love that it’s keeping close with the book, though! Much as I love the musical, I think it’s cool that the series decided to go the route of portraying the book specifically!


    • The musical will always have a special place in my heart.

      The book- I am glad this series is taking the route of the book. My interpretation of these characters that I love from the musical is part book- not just from the musical.

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  2. Love reading about your thoughts and feelings towards this series. I really liked it two but I´m way to curious about how you will feel when it ends. I desperately need to talk with someone about it, but I just have to wait until you get there 😛


      • I meant him watching Eponine strip, that’s something book (or musical…) Marius would NEVER do I’ll accept no arguments otherwise this is just fact. 😁 And Valjean telling Cosette the world is horrible, showing her the convicts and dragging her around, it’s like another character. He fired Fantine too! I’ve read the book and Valjean was not a hateful man like this. I guess my point is I don’t think it’s more book based, if anything the characters are like what misinformed people think about the musical – Javert is obsessed with Valjean and only Valjean, Marius exists to be the center of a love triangle and choose between Cosette and Eponine, Valjean treats Cosette like a prisoner, Eponine is sexy…


      • Things are starting to make sense- Valjean never fired Fantine- it was the foreman in the musical and book. When I saw the 2nd episode- I was surprised it was him- he never did that. That is not Valjean at all- Valjean is not a hateful man.

        In terms of the love triangle, it is subtle in the book, and is hard to pick up on. He doesn’t choose between both girls in the book- only Cosette. However, I do feel like he kind of started the love triangle in the book.

        There are still things that are still true to the book.


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