Discovering Things the Day of a Musical

What is the excitement of discovering things the day of seeing a new musical? There are a lot of incredible things in that experience. I will use some musicals to explain that.


I first saw Newsies August 2016. I did hear songs like “Carrying the Banner” before, but I only enjoyed them. It wasn’t like I loved those songs. My mom did get tickets the week Newsies opened at Belk Theatre, the main theatre of Blumenthal Performing Arts. That week I learned Newsies had Tony Award Winning Choreography. I decided not to watch any of the dance- I wanted to discover it myself. I only enjoyed the songs I knew- so I would really be listening to the songs I heard before fresh. I did not know any of the characters’ names and part of the plot.

By not looking up the Choreography, during the show I was able to be mind-blown by the dance. The Newsies were dancing on Newspapers, doing backflips, and doing other crazy dance moves. No wonder it won the Tony Award. There were songs I didn’t hear before that I fell in love with, and all of those songs I heard before, I fell in love with. That is because they were put in context and they were mixed with mind-blowing dance. I was not surprised the story had a romantic subplot. Not knowing the dance made me get a lot more out of the dance, songs, and plot. I connected fast to Jack and Crutchie- the opening number did that, and soon after, I connected to all the Newsies.

Something to Believe In


Now Pippin was a musical where all I knew was one song. I only knew “Corner of the Sky”. What I knew about the plot was what I learned from that song. I knew the main character was Pippin and that the antagonist was some character named The Leading Player. I wanted to see Pippin just because of my love for “Corner of the Sky”. A trailer convinced me even further. I still only knew that one song- so I would be discovering the entire musical from scratch. I would seeing all of the twists and turns. It is fun discovering the songs and the plot on the day- not ahead of time. It does give you a different kind of excitement. I saw Pippin May 2o15- I was hooked from the first scene to the last scene- at intermission, I wanted the soundtrack, and I didn’t even hear the 2nd act yet. I was so intrigued by The Leading Player- I don’t think I got that intrigued by an antagonist before- I think it had to do with the portrayal, and the character.

So when a show is new- discovering things the day of is exciting. When I know only a couple songs, I try not to listen to the others to be surprised the day of. I think the excitement comes from the surprise factor.

When a show is old- as in the shows you already love, there is still discovering new things. That means discovering new things about the musical. You can discover about a character, a plot line, etc.

What do you think is exciting about discovering new things about a musical, whether it is your first time with a musical or if it is brand new?

Author: mphtheatregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog mainly is about musicals. Every so often I talk about spirituality. Sometimes I add in movie reviews, book reviews, and about my life in general. I hope you find my blog inspiring.

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