Charlotte Blumenthal Performing Arts

Recently, I was asked how big is Charlotte theatre. Blumenthal Performing Arts is big. Charlotte Ballet, Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, Musicians, and Tours all use Blumenthal Performing Arts. Do all of these use the same theatre? No, Blumenthal Performing Arts is a collection of multiple theaters; Belk Theater, Ovens Auditorium, Knight Theater, Booth Theater, and either one or three others.

Belk Theater is their main theater. It has four levels- orchestra, grand tier, mezzanine, and balcony. I have seen the Charlotte Ballet do The Nutcracker. I am seen tours do La Cage, Porgy and Bess, Sound of Music, Newsies, Miss Saigon, Rent, Pippin, Mamma Mia and Lion King all do these musicals at Belk. I did not like La Cage or Porgy and Bess. The others were ones I became a fan of- some I already was a fan of previously, and some I became a fan of during watching the show. Belk was designed for the different types of performing arts- it has box seats and the typical audience seats and designed like a horseshoe.

Ovens Auditorium- Ovens may have two levels with three sections (orchestra, mezzanine, and balcony), but sits more people. That is because it is deeper and wider. If it is a new musical for you, I would not recommend the balcony if I were you. Ovens does not have great acoustics for the entire theatre- the balcony being the weakest. There are only three musicals I remembered seeing at Ovens- Wicked (2008?, 2013, and 2016), Addams Family (2011), and A Christmas Story (2018). From this list, there is only one I did not like-Addams Family- I remember at the end, thinking it was just weird.

I have an interesting story for A Christmas Story- in March 2018, when I saw A Christmas Story was coming, I did not want to see it; then I joined Club Blume (Blumenthal’s young adult club); then decided to go A Christmas Story’s informance; and during the informance, I found out that those who wrote the music for A Christmas Story also wrote the music for Greatest Showman, a movie I love. I decided to go to A Christmas Story. I enjoyed A Christmas Story- one of the funniest things to watch were the dogs. The songs were incredible and emotional (not in the sad sense). Glad I opened myself up to this musical.

When it comes to Ovens, there is one musical that automatically comes to mind. That is Wicked, which I saw three times at Ovens. I have no idea when the 2nd time was- I think it was 2008 (maybe). 2013 and 2016 were for sure the other two times. 2013 and 2016 have a funny story attached to them. 2013 was a dad/daughter date, and before the show began the tallest guy at Ovens sat in front of me. My dad switched seats with me to give me the better view even though he never saw the show. 2016- I saw it with Gardner Webb, and at the end, we discovered the bus was broken down, so we were stuck with a broken down bus in the parking lot. Each time I was at Ovens and Wicked, the show got better and better- those times were after Broadway.

So Charlotte theatre is big. Blumenthal Performing Arts consists of multiple theaters and does more than just tours. I only have seen shows at Belk and Ovens.

2 thoughts on “Charlotte Blumenthal Performing Arts

  1. It sounds like Charlotte has a great theatre community and it’s awesome that you have an opportunity to interact with it so much!


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