Fairy Frogs- Snippet 3

Context: A hangout in Fairy Creek has been happening between the Fairy Frogs and Toads. Sparkle, Misty, and Marge decided to collect rods to attach to the trees so that way the toads can get to the treehouses. Aries realized there were some leftover rods in their old home- so he left Fairy Creek with Darcy.

(So in the past snippets, you have come across Sparkle, Misty, Aries, Sarge, Marge, and Norg).

Sarge ended up following Aries and Darcy to Fairy Creek. He finally got his chance. He could reach this goal this time. What he saw there surprised him. He saw toads and Fairy Frogs playing with each other. He saw how far this friendship had gone. He saw Norg looking after them. He now knew Norg turned against him

            “Sparkle, look”, said Marge in a scared way. Sparkle noticed Sarge was in Fairy Creek. She saw both Aries and Darcy. Darcy had more rods for the trees, but he looked hurt. 

            “Gosh”, said Sparkle. She saw Sarge. He had found them. Sparkle did not want Sarge to hurt Marge. She and Marge ran until they no longer could see him. They made it to the treehouses, and the two decided to hang out in Sparkle’s treehouse. Sparkle had to fly Marge up since the rods were not attached yet. There was no way Sarge was going to get to them. Sparkle thought she had distracted Sarge long enough. 

            “You are not allowed here, Sarge,” said Norg. 

            “NORG, you are coming back right now”, demanded Sarge.

            “Nope, I will not and you lost”, said Norg. 

            “WHAT, these creatures, these Fairy Frogs are nothing special.” 

            “What did you just call us?”, said Tweetsie. She had heard Sarge say that. Celeste ended up joining Tweetsie as well. So did Darcy and Felipe. All of the Fairy Frogs felt offended. Even Claude, Effa, and Rudy did not like what he said. 

            “Sarge, don’t you dare say they are not special”, said Effa.

            “These guys are a bunch of boring frogs”, said Sarge.

            “We tried to warn you”, said Darcy. 

            “Never insult a Fairy Frog or a toad again”, said Felipe.

            “What about Marge, she is just a pointless toad with no personality”, screamed Sarge. Sparkle heard Sarge say that from a distance. She told Marge to stay there. 

            “Sarge, what has she ever done to you?”, said Sparkle.

            “She means nothing to me”. Aries heard all the commotion going on. 

            “What is going on over here”, said Aries.

            “Aries, ask him?”, said Sparkle.

            “SARGE, what happened?” 


            “Tweetsie, Darcy, Felipe, and Sparkle, tell me.” 

            “Sarge said we are nothing special and nor is Marge”, said Sparkle. 

            “SARGE, that is no way to talk to them or Marge.” 

            “But…But…..I can say whatever I want.”

“Sarge, stop being the bully you are or become the leader you can be or else we can just kick you out of Graysloup”, said Aries. Even the toads agreed with this statement. 


Author: mphtheatregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog mainly is about musicals. Every so often I talk about spirituality. Sometimes I add in movie reviews, book reviews, and about my life in general. I hope you find my blog inspiring.

2 thoughts on “Fairy Frogs- Snippet 3”

    1. In this section- I cannot believe I had to have Sarge discover Fairy Creek leading to this commotion. However, it does show Fairy Frogs and toads standing up to him- not letting him break their friendship


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