A Christmas Story, The Musical Review

When I first saw the 2018-2019 season, I was not interested in seeing A Christmas Story, The Musical. For starters, I did not exactly know the movie, and it also seemed kind of unusual. That is why after Lion King, I thought it was my last musical. Turns out I was wrong. I am a member of Club Blume, and I don’t know why I went, but went to the Christmas Story Informance- which talked about how it became a movie to how it became a musical- when I heard that it was written by the same people who did “The Greatest Showman”, one of my favorite movie musicals, I wanted to go. In addition- at the informance, I was given a voucher at the informance for the musical for discounted tickets- if I went to the informance, why skip the musical? I wanted to be more involved with Club Blume- I am still a very new member of the group. The voucher gave us two options- get tickets for the Mezzanine or tickets for the Balcony: of course I wanted Mezzanine. When I bought tickets, I had no choice of where in the Mezzanine- I just hoped I would get somewhere in the center.

When I arrived at Ovens Auditorium and got my ticket, I ended up getting Mezzanine Center in row C- good seats. As a part of Club Blume, I went to a pre-show party. It was basically snacks and drinks. It was a time to talk together before the show.

The playbill did not make it clear which Ralphie I got either Micheal Norman or Ian Shaw- that playbill did not say what days they play the part nor was there a slip of paper to say who I saw. Whoever I saw, I loved him as Ralphie.

A Christmas Story was actually narrated by an older Ralphie even though the playbill says Jean Shepherd. That is because Jean Shepherd was the reason behind why A Christmas Story was a movie at all. A Christmas Story in so many ways is autobiographical- I learned this at the informance. He told some of his stories on his radio show. He basically was narrating A Christmas Story as an older version of Ralphie- if you understand what I mean.

I loved all of the actors in this musical. From Randy, who was played by Jasper Davenport, Mother, who was played by Briana Gantsweg, and Old Man (who is Ralphie’s father), who was played by Paul Nobrega. I already said I loved Ralphie. They truly acted like a family.

As for the other actors, I loved them. It included a lot of kids- who were quite talented- I feel like just like understudies, child actors also get underestimated- they were so good. I loved all of them.

As for the songs- so enjoyable. Most of them were exciting, which can give you a great laugh. Some were on the more emotional side- not emotional as in sad- NOT all emotional songs are sad. I loved the different lighting and staging. A Christmas Story is my 5th and final musical of the year. The dogs also gave me a laugh.

6 thoughts on “A Christmas Story, The Musical Review

  1. Sounds like you had a pretty good time and that you saw a good show! That’s really awesome that you got to see five musicals this year!


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