My Les Mis Tag- Les Mis Songs to Other Musicals

How come I never created a tag? What if I do a Les Mis tag? I am thinking of picking songs from Les Mis, and then choosing the answers from other musicals. 

“Do You the People Sing” (A Character or Group of Characters who Stand up for What they Believe In)- The Newsies- they stand up for what they believe in. They never give up on the strike. Even Jack does not give up despite the fact that it eventually is difficult on him. 

“On My Own” (a character who struggles with unrequited love)- My first thought was Elphaba. It was Eponine that made me realize unrequited love was heartbreaking, which helped me with “I’m Not That Girl”. Elphaba deals with the unrequited love well. She does not want a boy to get in the way of her friendship with Glinda.  To see where this unrequited love ends- I recommend to watch this musical (Wicked). 

“A Heart Full of Love” (a couple you love)- So many options. My first thought is Jack and Katherine. They have been my first thought a lot lately. They are my favorite contemporary Disney couple. I just love “Something to Believe In”. I love that Newsies has Katherine in it because it helps give a female voice to a male dominant show. 

“Master of the House” (a villain to laugh at)- Gaston for sure. He is a hilarious villain. It is hard to describe why he is funny. His songs like “Gaston” and “Me” are songs to laugh at.  

“Bargain/Waltz of Treachery” (a villain who is easily manipulative)- The Leading Player for sure. She hides her manipulative nature extremely well. Whenever she is around Pippin, she is playful making it seem to Pippin that she is someone to be trusted.  She only lets her evilness truly show in songs where Pippin is not involved- she only reveled that to Pippin at the final songs. 

“Work Song” (a memorable opening number)- “Circle of Life” is the first one that comes to mind. The animals come down the aisles. It is breathtaking to watch. The way the light changes in the background- it is hard to describes why it is so memorable. 

“One Day More” (a memorable act I closer)- “Defying Gravity” for sure. That song is empowering and very powerful. The effect of Elphaba flying has some of the best special effects ever. 

“The Confrontation” (an intense scene or song)- The stampede in Lion King. I love the way they stage it in the stage version. It is hard to describe how they do it, but is is amazing to watch.  

“Stars” (A villain or antagonist with a clear motive)- This is my 2nd time I am using Gaston. From the opening number, it is very clear he wants to marry Belle. He keeps that as his motive from start to finish. That leads him to want to kill the Beast. When he learns that Belle has feelings for the Beast, he gets jealous and wants to kill the Beast as a tactic of getting Belle in the end. 

2 thoughts on “My Les Mis Tag- Les Mis Songs to Other Musicals

  1. This looks like a pretty awesome tag; I think that I might try it out sometime! The questions look like a lot of fun and the questions all seem really creative and fun!


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