Who is Pippin?

Pippin is the protagonist from the musical, Pippin.

Possible Spoilers:

Pippin’s main goal in the musical is to figure out where he belongs, which is his “corner of the sky. He is influenced by the Leading Player, a very crafty and mysterious. What he doesn’t realize is that the Leading Player is trying to lead him down the wrong path. He makes several wrong decisions through the entire musical. He soon falls in love with Catherine. He eventually defies the Leading Player when he figures out that the Leading Player is not someone to trust and realizes that he is meant to lead a simple life with Catherine. Pippin may be flawed and might trust the wrong person, but the Leading Player does not make it obvious that she is manipulating and leading him in the wrong direction.


2 thoughts on “Who is Pippin?

  1. I love Pippin but still don’t know him all that well at this point! Definitely one of my favorite characters, though!


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