Who is Davey?

Davey is a character I barely know. I will try my best to analyze him.

Possible Spoilers:

Davey is basically the Newsie I would like to call the “new” Newsie. He is the only one of the Newsies who actually has a family. He arrives to the newsstand with his little brother, Les. He became a Newsie because his father got injured during his job and was laid off because of it. Davey started off as shy, but as time goes by, he interacts more and more with the Newsies.

Whenever Jack doesn’t know what to say during the strike, Davey does the talking. While Jack is the leader, I feel like Davey is second in command. Davey helps Jack deal with the inner conflict he is going through in act II at times. While Jack began the strike, Davey was the one who came up with the rally.


Author: mphtheatregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog mainly is about musicals. Every so often I talk about spirituality. Sometimes I add in movie reviews, book reviews, and about my life in general. I hope you find my blog inspiring.

2 thoughts on “Who is Davey?”

  1. Davey is one of my favorite Newsies though that might be because it was the movie version that I saw so my connection to him is a lot stronger than it would have been if I had watched the stage version first!


    1. My favorite Newsies are still Jack and Crutchie. I know those two better than Davey. I thought I wouldn’t be able to include Davey at all on this series, but it turns out from this post that I know Davey more than I thought I did

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