Who is Raoul?

Just like a group of other characters on this blog, Raoul is part of a love triangle. I feel like he is under-appreciated by fans on this blog.

The best way I know to analyze Raoul is to analyze bits of the Phantom on this post. Many Phantom of the Opera fans felt like Christine and Phantom should have ended up together, but I disagree. I feel like Phantom is way too dangerous for Christine. Raoul is a character who will never hurt Christine and loves her in a less destructive way than the Phantom. I love Christine and Raoul as a couple and they are perfect as a couple. Just like Marius, people dislike Raoul for the most absurd of reasons. Raoul wants to protect Christine from the Phantom. Crazy how in order to analyze Raoul, I had to analyze Phantom on this post.



Author: mphtheatregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog mainly is about musicals. Every so often I talk about spirituality. Sometimes I add in movie reviews, book reviews, and about my life in general. I hope you find my blog inspiring.

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