What I Love about my hometown of Charlotte

I decided to write a list of why I love the city of Charlotte. I grew up in Charlotte, NC and still live there.

  1. Blumenthal Performing Arts- tours go through there. In Charlotte, there are two main theaters, which are Belk and Ovens. I am so thankful for this because of my love for musicals. Due to the size of Charlotte, touring productions like to stop in Charlotte. Shows I have loved that I have seen on tour in Charlotte are Newsies, Wicked (3x), Pippin, Sound of Music and Rent.
  2. Greenways- wonderful places to go on walks. You walk on these paths that allows you to be out in nature. As a matter of fact, my inspiration for Fairy Frogs came from a walk on a Greenway.
  3. Amelie’s French Bakery and Cafe
  4. Independent Bookstores
  5. Southpark Mall and Carolina Place Mall
  6. Symphony in the Park- outdoor symphony in June at Southpark Mall
  7. Downtown in Charlotte is called “Uptown”
  8. Lightrail- it allows you to get downtown. The nice thing about it is it allows you to stop somewhere and get to the Blumenthal Center, where Belk Theatre is. Or if you just want to spend time downtown or go to this place on 7th street, which is kind of like a food court and have breakfast or any meal at. So the light rail is a nice way for transportation

How is it that the city I grew up in and still live in, I can’t think of many reasons why I love it? So those are the reasons for now.

What do you love about the city you are from?

11 thoughts on “What I Love about my hometown of Charlotte

  1. This is a great post! I think it’s fun to think about the nice things in our hometowns!
    Things that I love about Seattle:
    1. Pretty accessible theatre. Lots of touring productions make their way to Seattle and there’s almost always some sort of musical playing in the city!
    2. The Underground! I only recently fell in love with the Underground but I think it’s fascinating to see the remains of what Seattle was before it burned down and the new city was built on top of it.
    3. The water. It’s nice to have the water right by the city. If you walk down maybe half a mile from Seattle Center, you wind up at the waterfront and it’s really nice to be able to just sit there with friends and relax!
    4. Pike Place Market before most shops open up. My friends and I wound up there really early in the morning once and it was so cool to see Pike Place Market without so many people flooding it! It looked almost like a scene from a 1920’s novel!
    5. The general look of Seattle. I could walk through the city all day and not get bored. A lot o people say that Seattle looks “grungy” but I love that about it. There’s something so beautiful about the grunginess of the city!

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  2. I have never been to Charlotte but my daddy loves it. Whenever I read about people who have grown up in one place and still live there I feel so wistful to know what that experience is like. Thanks for sharing it with a nomad like me!


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