Why It is Hard to Enjoy Required Reading

Everyone has experienced required reading throughout their years in school. But I found them so much harder to even like or love, but why is it? For starters, you are kind of forced to read them and cannot read them at your own pace. Required reading is the hardest to enjoy in high school and college. I am reading a lot this semester, which is for Western Civilization. I have lots of books to read or required pages in those books and in the middle of one and I am so slow faced at getting it done. A lot of that comes from it being required to finish in only one week so required reading has a lot of pressure put on you. But every so often you can enjoy reading a required reading.

Back in high school, I never liked any of the required reading that we had to read over summer. Those were “Of Mice and Men”, “The Giver”, “Great Gatsby”, and “Frankenstein”. Many of the books I did not like were the sad ones. Some were ones I did not give a fair enough chance or ones I had no clue they would be sad in the first place. I discovered that yes tragedies exist in theatre so I thought they were pure sad so I literally ignored them when we had to read a Shakespearian tragedy in class. I did like “Taming of the Shrew” due to it being a comedy. I also loved “And Then There Was None”, “Illiad” and “Odyssey” so there were stories that I did love.

But required reading is so hard to appreciate. I like reading at my own pace instead of at this kind of forced pace. When you choose to read a book, it is easier to appreciate because you have the power to actually read the plot and decide whether or not you will actually read it. Required reading can drive you nuts because you have no power to decide what to read because teachers pick out the books you have to read. I did love required reading at times. Books I choose to read and loved included “Les Misérables”, “Great Expectations, “Oliver Twist”, “Hunchback of Notre Dame”, “A Christmas Carol”,  “Tale of Two Cities”, “Uprooted”, “Lord of the Rings Series”, “Land of Stories Series”, and so on.

Do you agree? Do you think it is harder to love required reading and why do you think that is?

8 thoughts on “Why It is Hard to Enjoy Required Reading

  1. I have frequently come to love things that I had to read for school but I definitely did not enjoy Hamlet or Romeo and Juliet (or pretty much any Shakespeare we read in high school). But as much as I have liked many of the books I read for school, I will say that it has been harder for me to like them since they were usually associated with big projects that I simply wasn’t interested in and that really dropped my enjoyment of reading them.


    • Required reading is stuck with having to read with the teacher’s pace and not your own.

      I also hated Shakespeare. Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar, and Macbeth. I was stuck with two reasons to not be open to them at all. First belonged to the author being Shakepseare and the other belongs to them being tragedies.

      For other books that are not required, at least you control over what books you read and the pace you want to read them


      • Yep, definitely! I hate reading books at someone else’s pace because it completely throws me off and makes it more difficult for me to enjoy them!


      • Reading at my own pace works and you can set your own deadlines, which is what I do with my classics. The past years, my deadlines were very limited due to being to school so the deadlines had to be by the time end of summer break and by end of Christmas break. Once I graduate in May, I plan to expand those deadlines on the classics. But I will definitely not limit myself to just classics because that is not the only genre I love


      • I agree! It’s so much better to read at your own pace because it allows you to more thoroughly enjoy whatever you’re reading!


      • Yep! It’s just that when you’re forced onto someone else’s schedule it can honestly make you bored. Sometimes the schedule is just too slow. Or, in cases that it’s too fast, it becomes difficult to enjoy because you have to speed through it and eventually you get swamped!


      • In my case, I only have a week, then we are quizzed on it. It is hard to actually read and then remember everything to be quizzed. It can make you so bored that it can be extremely hard to pick up the book.

        But in ones you choose it is much easier to read the book each day


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