Power of Live Theatre

What is so amazing about live theatre? Obviously, you are enjoying seeing the plot, characters, and songs coming to life. But live theatre is even more powerful than watching a musical movie, but what is so powerful about it if it is less realistic than a movie?

A lot of that comes from the fact that you never see the same show twice. Second you are seeing the actors right in front of you and not on the screen. The actors have the advantage of basing their performance off of the audience’s reactions. So live theatre is not an one-way experience because it is a back and forth conversation between the actors and the audience. A big reason why I know you never see the same show twice is off of an experience I had four years ago. I saw Les Mis three times at a community college due to ushering and being with family. I  may have seen the same cast three times, but yet each time was different.

Live theatre is hard to understand the power yourself if you aren’t there. The spectacle and dance have a higher energy live than on a screen. The songs can lead the emotions to be even stronger live as compared to a movie. The energy overall is much stronger live. There is a lot of talent seen in stage actors especially those who are understudies and swings since they have to memorize more than anyone else. The fact that the actors in a musical perform eight times a week is crazy, and its crazy how they can manage it especially in the more emotional shows.

What do you think is the power of live theatre?


11 thoughts on “Power of Live Theatre

    • I tend to see touring casts since I do not live near Broadway. I live in North Carolina so it is hard to go to New York to see musicals.

      Newsies, Pippin, Wicked, Sound of Music, Rent are touring productions I have seen in Charlotte. Annie is a touring production I have seen in St. Louis. I have seen Les Mis and Phantom in Greenville. I also have seen college productions such as Little Shop of Horrors, Les Mis, Godspell, and Music Man.

      I have seen one show on Broadway, which is Wicked. I have seen one show in the West End, which is Les Mis.


  1. My favorite thing about live theatre’s probably the overall experience of it plus the audience. The audience is one of the main reasons why I enjoy live cast recordings so much as well. There’s just something so wonderful about watching to something live with an audience that cares as much about this show as you do. The energy that comes along with seeing a show live is very exhilarating as well.


    • The energy is just incredible especially with the big dance and spectacle numbers. Even some of the non spectacle and dance numbers has an incredible energy. The more emotional shows are much more fun to experience live than on screen and even the spectacle and dance-natured show. Seeing dance live is just mind-blowing especially in Newsies and Wicked and so on.


  2. I agree, theres something really spectacular about live performances. This relates to our last blog post and the role of the performer, I love the energy and I love watching the passion of the performer being poured out on stage. I’ve been to a few Broadway shows before in NYC and I still remember the goosebumps I felt. Theres so many wonderful elements that are in a live show, the performer, the live music, the story telling and the audience emotions.


    • Live theatre is powerful. It is a two-way relationship between the audience and the actors. You are seeing what is in front of you and they are seeing how the audience reacts. You never see the same show twice even if you see the same show more than once. The energy is wonderful


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