Why do I want Spectacle or Dance in a Musical?

In my opinion, having spectacle and dance in a musical is adding something very special.  It make a musical even more wonderful to watch. Spectacle and dance are wonderful things to look at. It means looking at beautiful costumes, wonderful dance moves, circus elements, a colorful and fun set and so much more. I discovered spectacle and dance growing up. Just like comedy, dance and spectacle are known to be part of a musical. It gives a musical a kind of “wow” factor and makes you feel excited in a beautiful way. You can see flips on stage, boys dancing on newspapers, making something magical out of a silly dance and all sorts of fun things.

Dance and spectacle are things I have loved in musicals for as long as I can remember. Dance in my opinion is a type of spectacle. The dance and spectacle is one of the hugest reasons why I love musicals.

Why do you love spectacle and dance in a musical?

4 thoughts on “Why do I want Spectacle or Dance in a Musical?

  1. I love dance and spectacle in musicals because it adds a sense of atmosphere and excitement to the musical. It’s always awesome to watch these sorts of shows live too–they’re so impressive!


    • exactly, they add almost in the same way a song adds. Excitement is a very strong musical emotions, which is mainly shown through the spectacle and dance. Seeing spectacle and dance live is more impressive than a movie


  2. I love dancing in musicals, mostly because as a dancer myself, I value and appreciate the amazingness of the things they can do. I love gawking at the actors in Cats and Newsies, because they are SO AMAZING.


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