Les Mis movie vs Les Mis stage show

Yes, I am doing another Les Mis post. I have thought about doing this post before, but never thought of doing it. I thought it would be neat to compare and contrast the movie from the stage show. There are some differences, but obviously because it is Les Mis, there are some similarities. 

Major and Minor Spoilers:


  1. In the stage show, On My Own has an introduction, but the movie does not have the introduction.
  2. Drink With Me, A Little Fall of Rain, Castle on a Cloud, A Heart Full of Love and Turning are shorter in the movie than the stage show
  3. Dog eats Dog is only in the stage show
  4. Suddenly is an original song in the movie
  5. There are fewer barricade song bits in the movie than the stage show
  6. In the movie, Fantine and the Bishop deliver lines together during the Epilogue, but in the stage show, those lines are between Fantine and Eponine

Song Order

  1. In the stage show, “I Dreamed a Dream” is before “Lovely Ladies”, but in the movie, “Lovely Ladies” is before “I Dreamed a Dream”
  2. In the stage show, “One Day More is the act one closer with “On My Own” in act II, but in the movie “On My Own” is before “One Day More”
  3. In the stage show, “Do You Hear the People Sing” is right after “Red and Black”, but in the movie “Do You Hear the People Sing” is after “One Day More”
  4. In the stage show, “In My Life” is right after “Do You Hear the People Sing”, but in the movie, “In My Life” is after “Red and Black”
  5. In the stage show, “Stars” is after the Robbery, but in the movie “Stars” is before the second “Look Down”
  6. In the movie, “Eponine’s Errand” is after the Robbery, but that scene is after “Stars” in the stage show


  1. In the stage show, all the barricade boys die on the barricade, but in the movie most die on the barricade and some die in the tavern
  2. In the stage show, Eponine gets shot on the way back to the barricade after delivering a letter to Cosette from Marius, but in the movie she gets shot after sacrificing herself after seeing a gun aimed at him. Eponine sacrificing herself for Marius is seen in the book.

Who Delivers The Letter?

  1. In the stage show, Eponine delivers the letter from Marius to Cosette, but in the movie it is Gavroche. This move in the movie is closer to the book since Gavroche delivers the letter in the book. Marius has the same intention in both the movie and the stage show: he was trying to protect.

Eponine has some differences

  1. In the movie, Eponine steals the letter that Cosette wrote to Marius, but in the stage show, she never stole the letter
  2. Eponine has more lines in the stage show than the movie, which means that Marius has more lines in the stage show as well since Eponine spends most of her time with him.
  3. Like I said earlier, Eponine sacrifices herself to save Marius in the movie as opposed to the stage show when she gets shot in the crossfire on the way back to the barricade.

Why the Changes? 

These changes were partly due to the fact that they wanted to make the movie closer to the book. That is why Marius sends Gavroche to deliver the letter. That is why Eponine takes the letter and gives it to Marius at the time of her death because that is in the book. Even the circumstance why Eponine is shot is closer than the book. The reason why they wrote “Suddenly” in the movie is because they wanted the audience to better understand the impact that Cosette has had on Jean Valjean’s life. Another reason for these differences is due to the fact that there are differences between stage shows and movies.

Are there other differences you have noticed?



Author: mphtheatregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog deals with spirituality and musicals. I am finding that by writing about these, I am realizing I know more about each of them then I think I do. I hope you find my blog inspiring!

6 thoughts on “Les Mis movie vs Les Mis stage show”

  1. One thing that always stood out to me was the fact that in the movie, “Stars” felt like the Act I closer, with “Paris/Look Down” being the Act II opener. I felt like “One Day More” in the movie was quite a bit weaker than it is in the stage production and it just didn’t feel like the Act I closer that it is in the stage show. Those aren’t precisely changes but they’ve always stood out to me for some reason.


    1. On my first night of Fall Break, I decided to watch the movie. I thought it was interesting today writing about the differences from the movie and stage show. Some pieces are obviously similar since the show is still Les Mis


      1. Definitely. I just thought of another difference: In the movie, “Paris/Look Down” has some lines cut from it and “Beggars at the Feast” had a little bit of a dance scene cut from it and in the stage production, I don’t think that the Thenardiers are thrown out of the wedding celebration.


      2. Oh right, that is a difference. “Beggars at the Feast” had some lines cuts. Some fans did not like some of those lines cuts, but because the movie was my first experience, it doesn’t bother me that some lines were cut from the musical


      3. Yeah, I don’t mind all that much either. Some of the cuts from “Drink With Me” and “Turning” make me a little disappointed though.
        Another change was that in the movie, the chain gang is pulling in a ship. In the original stage production, they’re working in the ground and in the revival production, they’re rowing a ship.


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