Wicked Book Versus Wicked Musical

I saw Wicked four times and I only read the Wicked book once. Well, those two are not faithful to each other at all. I love the musical while I dislike the book. What makes these two different from each other?

When I read the book, I found the book to be too dark and realized that the musical is not faithful to it. The book does not have a center core of friendship like the musical has and there was no love triangle between Elphaba, Glinda, and Fiyero. I felt like I was less emotionally connected to the characters compared to the musical. The book read more like a tragedy than the musical. The book is something I plan to not read again. It was so weird reading a book with a plot that was so drastically different than the musical.

So what makes the musical more special? The musical was closer to being a comedy because it is more family friendly and has a center core, which many people can relate to. The musical is mainly about the friendship between Elphaba and Glinda. The fact that Elphaba and Glinda, the two protagonists, are part of the love triangle strengthens the friendship. The musical makes me feel more emotionally connected to Elphaba, Glinda, and Fiyero because I find that the songs help and that the characters feel more relatable. I find the musical easier to understand than the book. The spectacle and dance aspect of the musical also makes the musical more enjoyable than the book. The musical sparked my love for musicals.

So which fares betters, the musical or the book? I think the plot of the musical is stronger than the plot of the book. It focuses on friendship and that is something that everyone can relate to. Than there is the complex, strong, and mature love triangle and it helps strengthen the friendship. The musical fares better because it is more geared towards people of all ages. I find the book to be too dark and the plot to be too unreliable and boring. So the musical defiantly fares better than the book.

What are your opinions about the book and the musical.

Author: mphtheatregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog mainly is about musicals. Every so often I talk about spirituality. Sometimes I add in movie reviews, book reviews, and about my life in general. I hope you find my blog inspiring.

4 thoughts on “Wicked Book Versus Wicked Musical”

  1. I agree that the musical is better than the book. I read the book last year and I can barely recall the plot–it just wasn’t all that memorable to me. I found that I didn’t like the characters as much either. They all seemed a little off to me and I didn’t connect to any of them while reading the book.


    1. The plot was way too dark in the book, and I don’t really remember the plot of that book at all.

      The musical on the other hand is not as dark as the book. It is closer on the comedy side than the book. The musical has a stronger plot due to the center core dealing with friendship, something people can relate to better. Elphaba, Fiyero, and Glinda are better and stronger characters in the musical. The love triangle, which is in the musical, is nonexistent in the book. So everything I love about the musical is why the book’s plot is not as enjoyable and not really home to an emotional connection


      1. I definitely agree. Wicked’s storyline in the book just wasn’t memorable. I can’t, for the life of me, really remember any major plot points. I may, in the future, give it another go and see if my opinion’s changed but for now, that book will just continue to sit on my shelves.


      2. I am not planning to read the book again. I read mom’s copy the first time. But when a member of my church went to a book signing event, Georgey Macguire was there and she bought Wicked and had him sign the book and had him draw Elphaba and he wrote to Meg in it and that is the only reason why I am keeping the book


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