My Musical Journey With the Musicals and The Years I First Saw Them

This is a list of my musical journey. Next door to each, I will put how I fell in love with these musicals and the year will be with them. Some of them, I don’t know which year, so I will put the time period that I know I did first see them. This list sure says the wide range of musicals I have seen.

1999-2005-elementary school

  1. Beauty and the Beast-movie
  2. Aladdin-movie
  3. Lion King-movie
  4. Sound of Music-movie
  5. Annie-movie
  6. Grease-movie
  7. Wizard of OZ-movie
  8. Cats-tour

2006-age 12 in middle school

  1. Wicked-Broadway and the show which sparked my love for musicals


  1. High School Musical 1, High School Musical 2, High School Musical 3-movies


  1. Hairspray-movie
  2. Enchanted-movie

2008-beginning of high school

  1. Mamma Mia-movie

2012-first year of college

  1. Godspell-community college production
  2. Rent-songs


  1. Les Misérables-movie and the show which turned my love of musicals into a passion


  1. Phantom of the Opera-songs
  2. Frozen-movie


  1. West Side Story-movie
  2. South Pacific-movie
  3. Oklahoma-movie
  4. Fiddler on the Roof-movie
  5. Singing in the Rain-movie
  6. My Fair Lady-movie


  1. White Christmas-movie
  2. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers-movie
  3. Easter Parade-movie
  4. Bye Bye Birdie-movie
  5. Kiss Me Kate-movie


  1. Music Man- college production
  2. Pippin-tour
  3. Man of La Mancha-movie


  1. Newsies-tour
  2. Annie Get Your Gun-movie


  1. Oliver-movie
  2. Hello Dolly-movie
  3. King and I-movie
  4. Little Shop of Horrors-college production

This is a wild list of musicals. Some I do care about more than others and love more than others. Much of the musicals I have seen are happy musicals and a good chunk of them just happen to have negative emotions in their songs and might have tragic events found within them. I grew up with happy musicals and they continue to exist to this day. Wicked was how I began to understand the emotional side of musicals and growing up I learned about excitement, love, joy, and sad.

Now I know that NOT all musicals are happy, but that some are tragic. And I know that NOT all musicals have dance or spectacle in them either. It was Les Mis that brought me to that realization. It even brought me to the realization that heartbreak is a musical emotion. Those are reasons why Les Mis made a huge impact on my life and turned my love of musicals into a passion even though there are other reasons. Its emotional nature is so rare in the musical world and that is one of the biggest reasons why the musical touches me so much.

What was your musical journey like?


Author: mphadventuregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog deals with spirituality and musicals. I am finding that by writing about these, I am realizing I know more about each of them then I think I do. I hope you find my blog inspiring!

15 thoughts on “My Musical Journey With the Musicals and The Years I First Saw Them”

    1. Some of those I didn’t know when so that is they were under a number of years. But for those where I knew for sure, I put them under the correct year and some I had to look up when the movie came out.

      It is interesting seeing how my musical journey came into play. From 1999-2005, the elementary school musicals existed and that was spectacle and dance that mattered the most and excitement was the key emotion.

      2006, then Wicked things started to change a bit and I began to understand the emotional side of things and the importance of an emotional connection. Then not just excitement was important, but love, joy, and sad were important as well.

      2012 with Les Mis-everything got tested


      1. Some meaningful musicals for sure from that entire list were Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, Aladdin, Sound of Music, Wicked, Les Mis, Rent, Phantom of the Opera and Newsies. It is crazy that some of these come from elementary and middle school and that some did not enter my life till college


      2. Well, for example, Wicked and Oliver! came into my life when I was pretty young and when spectacle and wonderment were really big parts of not only what I expected of a musical but also in my day to day life! Then, in middle school, Phantom came into my life and that seems to correlate with my interest in mystery and fantasy around that time. In high school, musicals like Les Miz popped up and seem to correlate with my growing understanding of not only the world of musicals but life in general!


      3. All the musicals I saw from elementary to middle school were family friendly musicals as I still was young. If it wasn’t for the dance and spectacle, I wouldn’t have fallen in love with musicals and if it wasn’t for comedy either.

        Les Mis, Rent, and Phantom of the Opera decided to enter my life so much later when I was more mature. It showed how much I have grown over the years. Those are more mature musicals and I was at the right age for those musicals to enter my life.

        For Newsies to enter my life as a 22 year old, it still shows that I am young at heart since I am still loving Disney musicals.


      4. Definitely! I think that it’s kind of funny that nowadays (seemingly more than ever) I really enjoy comedic musicals. But all in all, I find that my interest in certain genres of musicals are much broader than they used to be!


      5. That is so true. Leading up to high school, I told myself that only comedies belong in musicals. But now I know that both comedies and tragedies and those in between belong in musicals as long as comic aspects exist in all of them. I have always enjoyed comic musicals and it has been deeply engrained in me that musicals are known for being in that nature


      6. There are dark comedies after all. It is crazy how I believed once upon a time that ALL musicals are happy, but that was all I had known growing up. Looking back at that time period is crazy, but it shows how far musicals have come


  1. I love this post,it’s great to see people who are passionate about musicals! Oliver was the first musical I feel in love with (I even had a crush on the artful dodger in the film- I was that obsessed😂) as I got older and starting doing Performing Arts classes, my friends recommended me their favourite musicals and that broadened my musicals taste!


    1. It helped my journey being exposed to musicals in elementary school-that was a time where my love for musicals wasn’t sparked yet. I saw musical movies and stage musicals as well in those days.

      Middle school- this was when my love of musicals was sparked, but no where close to being musical crazy. By seeing Wicked on Broadway, my love of musicals was sparked. I began to understand the emotional side of musicals. The emotions I was aware of from middle school to high school were excitement, love, joy, and sad. From my interpretation, ALL musicals were happy and that is going to be important.

      Les Mis comes around in 2012, the year I graduated from high school. I saw the movie and right then, I realized something that left me confused and shocked. Les Mis taught me that NOT all musicals are happy like I once believed and showed me that tragedies are way more than being sad. I discovered the emotion for the first. I may have seen the movie in 2012, but I had to give the musical a second chance before I really saw Les Mis for what it was. Les Mis turned that love for musicals into a passion.

      My love for musicals is going to continue to grow as the years go by. The emotions will continue to develop in the musical world and so on. I see ALL musicals as joyful, but MOST musicals as happy.

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