Why I Love the Love Triangle in Les Mis

Yesterday, I talked about Phantom of the Opera’s love triangle and the day before I talked about  Wicked’s love triangle and now today it is time for me to talk about the Les Mis love triangle. The Les Mis love triangle is the second love triangle that entered my life and is between Eponine, Marius, and Cosette. In this post, I will try to explain why I love this love triangle. I know why I love this love triangle, but still seem to have to a hard time putting it into words, and that it one of the special things about Les Mis.

In this love triangle, both Eponine and Cosette love Marius, and it is Eponine who ends up with the unrequited love. This love triangle is youthful and full of hope and light, but full of pain and heartbreak, and those two aspects are reasons why I love it. In my personal opinion, I love the way the love triangle is set up. Since Cosette represents hope and light in Les Mis, it makes sense why she ends up with Marius and why Eponine gets the unrequited love and makes sense because of the switch that happens between the two girls. Cosette and Marius are a beautiful couple, and they wouldn’t have gotten together if it wasn’t for Eponine

Eponine is an unique factor in this love triangle and a big reason why I love it. Despite the love being unrequited, Eponine continues to stand by Marius even though he stays oblivious to her love for him. If it wasn’t for Eponine’s empty and horrible life, Marius’ kindness wouldn’t have moved her so much to love him as deeply. All Eponine wants is to feel loved, but she still continues to stay faithful to Marius. It was Eponine that got Marius and Cosette together, and she protected Marius and risked her life several times for him. Eponine is my favorite of the characters in the love triangle and one of my favorite characters in the entire musical.

You wouldn’t expect a teenage girl going through unrequited love to respond in the way that Eponine did, but if you think about it, Marius is literally all she has in life and he is the only good in her life and the only person who ever shows her kindness. Because Eponine’s love for Marius is so deep, there is a lot of heartbreak and pain in the unrequited love, but is still strong, which is clearly shown throughout the beautiful and powerful “On My Own”.

This love triangle has two instances where you end up feeling for all three of them at once, which is quite clever. The first is when Marius first bumps into Cosette and the second is towards the end of “A Heart Full of Love” when Eponine joins in. You end up feeling wonderful for Marius and Cosette, but heartbroken for Eponine so you can end up feeling a bit confused about your emotions.

On a side note: this love triangle actually made me realize that unrequited love is a heartbreaking situation to be caught up in. It took an entire year to realize “On My Own” was heartbreaking. It was that song that made me understand “I’m Not That Girl” was heartbreaking, which strengthened Wicked’s love triangle, which isn’t even a straightforward love triangle.

What are your feelings about the Les Mis love triangle? What makes this love triangle unique?


Author: mphadventuregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog deals with spirituality and musicals. I am finding that by writing about these, I am realizing I know more about each of them then I think I do. I hope you find my blog inspiring!

5 thoughts on “Why I Love the Love Triangle in Les Mis”

  1. I love Les Mis, but love triangles in general are not my favorite. I agree that Eponine is a very tragic character though, and “On My Own” is a heartbreaking song. I always feel sorry for Eponine because she is so alone and no one seems to notice how broken she is. Her own parents practically ignore her. Yet she stays strong through her pain, and ultimately sacrifices her life for someone she loves.


    1. I really love Eponine and honestly do feel for her and do connect to her and love her complexity, bravery, and strength. I wish she had a better family situation. While it would have been nice if he had loved her, at least she showed true love towards him till the end.

      Love triangles-the thing about them, the first one I emotionally bonded with began at the age of 12 in 2006 and that was the Wicked one, which is part of why I don’t mind them in musicals, and it has changed a lot since then, but the Les Mis one did help it become what it is today.

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  2. I love the Les Miz love triangle because I feel like there is something so humane and realistic about it. While insta-love isn’t particularly a favorite trope of mine, the songs make it work for me and Éponine’s pain which is so well expressed in “On My Own” really does bring up the heartbreaking aspect of the love triangle. I love how there isn’t this wrestle between Éponine and Cosette for Marius. Éponine accepts the fact that Marius loves Cosette and doesn’t hate him for it in the least. She gives her life for him, the only good thing in her life. Through this sacrifice, Éponine finds true joy. And I just think that there’s something about this love triangle that just carries humanity with it and I love it for that.


    1. Good explanation. This love triangle is one of the most enjoyable parts of Les Mis. I think Cosette and Marius is a wonderful pairing and in the end while all they have lost so many important people in their lives at least they have each other. While everything is sad on Eponine’s part, I love just how strong her love for Marius is and love how she responds and that takes so much strength and bravery. It still is hard to describe why I love this love triangle

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