Analysis of Nessa

Nessa is another Wicked character that I keep on overlooking. Like Boq, she is secondary and she also is involved in the romantic complex that is found in Wicked.

Major Spoilers:

Nessa is Elphaba’s younger sister, who is disabled and in a wheelchair. Her father spoils Nessa, which shows that Nessa is favored over her sister. Nessa’s father made special arrangements for Nessa to stay with Madame Morrible.


In the whole “Dancing Through Life” scene, Glinda kindly asks Boq to ask Nessa to the dance. This is where Nessa fits into the whole romantic complex that is in Wicked. Well, during the dance, Boq tries to tell Nessa why he asked her to the dance, but wasn’t able to tell her the truth. Nessa believed it was because he felt sorry for her. Boq quickly goes to tell her that she is beautiful. Well, Nessa has fallen in love with Boq. Well, so Nessa loves Boq and Boq loves Glinda and Glinda and Elphaba loves Fiyero. Boy, Wicked has a complicated romantic arc.


Many scenes later in act II, Nessa has become governor of Munckinland after her father died. Elphaba has arrived to try to ask Nessa for help because she knows that her father will listen to Nessa. It turns out that Elphaba’s father died out of shame. It seems that Nessa has betrayed her sister. But through Nessa’s role as governor, she has imprisoned all the Munchkins because she is so in love with Boq. Nessa really believes that Elphaba has betrayed her and hasn’t done any good for her. Elphaba realizes there is something she can do for her sister and puts a spell on Nessa’s shoes and it allows her to walk for the first time.

Boq seeing that Nessa no longer needs her assistance wants to find Glinda to tell Glinda about his love for her. Well, this angers Nessa seeing that Boq doesn’t love her and discovering about the spell book tries to put a spell on Boq to keep him from going, but the spell went wrong, which caused Boq’s heart to start shrinking. Nessa seeing the damage she has done urgently asks Elphaba to save him and Elphaba turns him to tin because it is the only spell that can save him. Well, after Boq wakes up, Nessa actually places the blame on Elphaba so in the end Nessa really does betray her sister.


Nessa becomes the Wicked Witch of the East in the end. Her being able to walk is short lived. She is killed by a house at the end and that is always overlooked it seems. Nessa and Boq’s fates keep on being overlooked in Wicked it seems, but makes sense in a way. Each time I see Wicked, I still approach it from the point of view as a 12 year old, but the emotions are felt much deeper than that age.

Boy, if I have to look at the romantic complex, that is a lot. Nessa loves Boq and Boq loves Glinda and Glinda and Elphaba love Fiyero and the main focus is on Elphaba and Glinda. Nessa is a character that I feel like is odd to overlook. If I have such a personal bond to Elphaba,  why on earth do I keep on overlooking Nessa?  Then again, the center of the story is Glinda and Elphaba. She has a song in the musical called “Wicked Witch of the East”, but that song isn’t even in the soundtrack.


Author: mphadventuregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog deals with spirituality and musicals. I am finding that by writing about these, I am realizing I know more about each of them then I think I do. I hope you find my blog inspiring!

2 thoughts on “Analysis of Nessa”

  1. Nessa is one of those characters that I never know what to think of. I don’t particularly like her nor dislike her. To me, she’s always seemed more like a plot advancer than an actual fleshed out character. (If that makes sense)


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