Musicals-Matinee or Night?

When seeing a musical live, there are two options: matinees or at night. Which do I prefer? For me, I am the person who prefers shows at night. In this post, I will talk about both and explain why I would rather see a musical at night.

Matinees are musicals that take place during the afternoon. They cost less than a night show. That is a huge plus of a matinee, but I still prefer seeing a show at night. True at a matinee, you will not get home that late and you can talk more about your experience as soon as you get home so there are some pluses from a matinee. Now I will try to talk about why I prefer seeing shows at night

A night show obviously ends at the end of the day and also costs more money. But, I love how it ends the day. Due to musicals being an escapism for me, I love how I can find that escape at the end of the day not in the middle of the day. I enjoy having dinner at a restaurant and than heading over to the theatre. If the show is at Belk Theatre, we can have dinner on a place that is somewhere on the light rail or if we are already off at our final stop before dinner, we can just walk over to Belk after dinner. But if the show is at Ovens, it is much harder to have dinner ahead of time because it is more in the middle of no where and you cannot walk from where you ate to the theatre either. True, you get home really late, but going to the theatre at night is a wonderful way to end the day.

Do you prefer seeing a show as a matinee or in the evening and why?


Author: mphadventuregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog deals with spirituality and musicals. I am finding that by writing about these, I am realizing I know more about each of them then I think I do. I hope you find my blog inspiring!

10 thoughts on “Musicals-Matinee or Night?”

  1. I don’t mind either but a big plus of a nighttime show is that actors are more likely to stagedoor. Most of the time matinees are on a two-show day, so some actors may not come out in the afternoon as they need to rest for the nighttime show. I love to stagedoor and meet the actors so nighttime shows are generally better for that reasons.

    Except you get home really, really late 😛


  2. I usually see matinees because it takes me an hour and a half train ride home from the city. But I recently saw a night show (Aladdin) and it was amazing. I’m going to want to check out a night show again!


    1. This is going to sound funny in a way: last year after a matinee of Wicked: this was my fourth seeing it and when I felt the most vulnerable, I saw Wicked with my school. We go to a school in the middle of no where. We drove from Boiling Springs all the way to Charlotte basically to a theatre, which feels like the middle of no where. Well, the show ends and guess what, the bus is broken down so we were stuck on a bus long enough to see the night audience arrive. The Wicked incident is a big reason why that afternoon will always be memorable

      In 2014, I saw Phantom of the Opera in Greenville, South Carolina at a Matinee with my mom. That was about an hour drive away from my hometown.

      But most trips home from a musical are either maybe forty five minutes: I think that is how far Ovens is and Belk is near the light-rail and the light-rail is about twenty to thirty minutes away from the stop my family has to go to.

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      1. Yeah I don’t like to drive into the city so that’s why my trip is so long. But since I was able to do it without a huge incident, I’m open to another night performance. Haha too bad you couldn’t just see Wicked twice in one day!


      2. My family doesn’t drive to Belk Theatre really because it is easy to get to that theatre by the light-rail. Ovens we have to drive to because of where it is located. The plus of living in Charlotte is that it is a big city. I just have to wait till September to see a musical live. Why on earth would I see the same musical twice in one day?


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