You Know Your’e a Musical Fanatic If

  1. Everyday, you find yourself listening to musicals either by your music or anything around the lines of Pandora
  2. You are obsessed with a musical (for me that one would be Les Mis), but may not know why you are obsessed with that musical
  3. You are looking forward to knowing what the upcoming theatre season in your hometown is going to be
  4. You love a wide variety of musicals: in my case anything from Singing in the Rain to Music Man to Sound of Music to Annie to Newsies to Wicked to Phantom of the Opera to Les Misérables
  5. Everyday, you always find yourself thinking about musicals
  6. You love all musical emotions and understand the importance of them
  7. You understand that NOT all musicals are happy and that NOT all musicals are home to dance at all
  8. You love discovering the musical characters and musicals that you love

Author: mphadventuregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog deals with spirituality and musicals. I am finding that by writing about these, I am realizing I know more about each of them then I think I do. I hope you find my blog inspiring!

22 thoughts on “You Know Your’e a Musical Fanatic If”

    1. I find it annoying when some people call me too passionate about musicals and that I should be not as passionate about them, but that is like saying don’t be passionate about them at all. Musicals are a huge part of who I am and I will not let anyone take that away from me


  1. Yes! Something that started to happen to me that made me realize I’m a musical fanatic is getting emails from venues/organizations in charge of the upcoming season with a survey to see what kind of musicals I’d be interested in seeing. Of course, a lot of people get them and I’m not sure how much my “vote” counts but it’s super awesome to feel like I can give feedback in what the community may enjoy!


      1. Wicked: that musical was the first musical I ever saw on Broadway and I saw it with my mom and I remember “Popular” being my favorite song. Elphaba is my favorite musical character of all time. I have a very personal relationship to her and like her smart, determined, talkative, unique, big-hearted, and believe in equality and staying true to myself. I relate to Elphaba more than any of those Les Mis characters. Wicked carries my vision for musicals: I want spectacle, dance, comedy, strong emotional connection, positive and negative emotions in the songs.

        Les Mis, on the other hand made me look at musicals on a different angle fresh. Growing up I thought all musicals were well happy, but Les Mis proved me wrong. I realized tragic musicals exist and that heartbreak exists. The loss of dance is made up for just how powerful and emotional it is.

        Wicked and Les Mis play a key role in my musical journey. One sparked the love while the other turned the love into a passion. Boy I could go on and on

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      1. Every day, I am checking to see if the Les Mis tickets are open and not yet. Boy, that is hard to wait. True I have Rent already, but Les Mis belongs in this year too so hope I get to see Les Mis this year


      2. So do I. Me seeing both Rent and Les Mis this year will be quite meaningful: look Rent is coming in September (journey began Fall 2012) and Les Mis is coming in December (journey began December of 2012). So when they are coming is literally five years after their journeys begin.

        What is crazy about Les Mis’ date is that the show is only coming for a long weekend, but what I love about the timing is that the show is coming at the end of Finals so at the end of Finals week if I see Les Mis, that will be a nice way to end the semester


  2. Great job on this list! I think other lovers of musicals would agree that it’s quite fitting. In my case, The Phantom of the Opera is the one I’m most obsessed with followed closely by Jekyll & Hyde and Heathers.


    1. Thanks for the compliment. I love being a musical fan. Hard to believe my passion for musicals used to be a small interest in elementary school and the love was sparked in middle- due to seeing Wicked on Broadway with my mom and then 2012 comes around and mom and dad take me to see the movie musical of Les Mis and little did I know that Les Mis would turn my love of musicals into a passion: I did not become a true fan of Les Mis or become obsessed with Les Mis until 2013

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  3. This… describes me PERFECTLY. And I am obsessed with Les Mis too! It is my very favorite musical. Though, alas, the tragedy of the matter is that I have yet to see it performed. But someday I will HEAR THE PEOPLE SING. Actually I can already hear them sing because I have multiple cast recordings and I listen to them all the time. Thanks for commenting on my blog!


      1. I saw the stage show four times. First time, it was 2013, one year after seeing the movie and that was a community college production and that production was phenomenal . I saw that three times and saw it once with my family and twice as an usher.

        In 2015, our church choir was in residence at Bristol Cathedral and our family went up two days early to get more of London and mom took me to see Les Mis in The West End.

        Now 2017, in December Les Mis is coming to Charlotte and I am hoping my parents will take me.


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