Mystery of Phantom’s Love Triangle

Today, Phantom of the Opera’s love triangle will take center stage. As a bit of background about my journey with Phantom of the Opera, I first heard the songs in 2013 and I instantly fell in love with them and later that year I saw the special 25th anniversary film. Then for Christmas, Santa put tickets in my stocking for me to see the stage show live in Greenville in May of 2014. When I saw the stage show, I was choked up and spellbound by just how beautiful it was.

I feel like I know this love triangle less than the Wicked and the Les Mis one, but I might know more about it than I think I do. It is just I hardly know the characters involved in this. But I have a good feel one the love triangle.

In my opinion, the Phantom of the Opera love triangle is the darkest and the most suspenseful and I think that is where it gets its uniqueness from. The entire plot is basically a love triangle between Phantom, Christine, and Raoul. I am one of one of those Phantom fans who wants Christine and Raoul together, which means I love how the love triangle is set up in the musical. The Phantom is the one with the unrequited love.

The Phantom is the reason why this love triangle has the darkness that it has. I see him as the antagonist of the piece. He has a deformed face, which he is ashamed of  and he has had a horrible past and he is dealing with the feelings of unrequited love after Christine fell in love with Raoul. He doesn’t respond to his situation very well. Honestly, he terrorizes the Opera house and he murders people and he acts in revenge and in response to Christine not loving him, he wants to murder Raoul. In that final scene, he is forcing Christine to pick between him killing Raoul or marrying him. Not the best situation to respond to that situation. Because of how the Phantom responds, I love Christine with Raoul and I love them together because of beautiful “All I Ask of You” is.

While I don’t like how the Phantom responds, I honestly feel bad for him due to the unrequited love and his background. Love triangles are tricky and at least this love triangle is straightforward. I don’t understand why some people want Christine to end up with the Phantom when she isn’t in love with him and he is dangerous to spend time with.

There is still a lot of mystery in this love triangle. This love triangle feels like it is the most complicated, but it really isn’t. It doesn’t have a plot twist like the Wicked one has.

Why do you think this love triangle is dark and full of mystery? Do you like the way this love triangle is set up?


Analysis of the Lion Cub Scene

This is still on the topic of musical love triangles. I want to focus on one scene that is connected to Wicked’s love triangle. Wicked’s love triangle is the first one I ever emotionally connected with and I find it to be the most complicated.

Spoilers Ahead:

Well, the Lion Cub scene could easily be overlooked the first time around. The first time you see the musical, there is a plot twist. In act one, Elphaba is feeling unrequited love for Fiyero, but in act II, Fiyero realizes that Glinda is not the girl for him and breaks up with her and starts going out with Elphaba so the unrequited love shifts. The plot twist is one of the reasons why this love triangle is unique. So why exactly does that happen? Well, let’s look back at this lion cub scene for some hints.

Leading up to the Lion Cub scene, Elphaba sees a scared Lion Cub in a cage and casts a spell on her class, which doesn’t affect Fiyero. The two run off into the woods somewhere to free the cub. Now, it is important to pay attention to the conversation the two are having and the way Fiyero is acting around Elphaba. Clearly the two have wonderful chemistry and Fiyero is flirting with Elphaba. In this scene, they are arguing, but in a  playful way it seems. There are clues that point to the fact that in this scene Fiyero might actually have a crush on Elphaba.

I actually think he does have a crush on Elphaba, but deep down doesn’t realize it at this point in the musical. The love triangle in Wicked can be questioning as to why does the plot twist even happen in the first place. Towards the end of the scene, Fiyero is trying to get Elphaba to explain why her spell didn’t affect him and in that moment, she realized she was falling in love with him and so the love triangle subplot has begun.


So what are your thoughts on this scene? Do you think in this scene do you think he has a crush on Elphaba and do you think he knew or do you think he didn’t?  Do you think Fiyero started to have a crush on Elphaba on his days in Shiz?

Adjectives Describing Musical Love Triangles

This is another post about romance in musicals. This time I will focus on the love triangles. The love triangles have been part of my life for eleven years now. On today’s post, I will just write a list of adjectives describing the different love triangles combining them. These are words coming from both sides-the couple and the person with unrequited love. The love triangles can be varied in many ways. In this list, I am not going to mention where these adjectives even come from. Honestly, some of the words are words I just don’t like one bit.

  1. Hope
  2. Light
  3. Youthful
  4. Complicated
  5. Heartbreaking
  6. Dark
  7. Mature
  8. Courage
  9. Murder
  10. Emotional
  11. Confusing
  12. Questioning
  13. Ironic
  14. Haunting
  15. Fascinating
  16. Innocent
  17. Fragile
  18. Vulnerable
  19. Immature
  20. Mysterious
  21. Strong
  22. Angelic
  23. Painful
  24. Lonely
  25. Loyal
  26. Revengeful
  27. Hateful
  28. Beauty
  29. Shocking
  30. Insightful
  31. Unexpected
  32. Tricky
  33. Suspenseful

Just by looking at the words above, it shows just how mixed love triangles are. Some of these words are in more than one love triangles and some are in only one. Still, some of these words I don’t like.  I have nothing wrong with a love triangle in a musical. It is hard because it is hard to satisfy all three  and one of them is going to get hurt in the end.


What are some of your favorite musical love triangles?


Musical Couples Not Part of a Love Triangle

Its pretty obvious that many musicals have romance involved. Today, I thought it would be nice to make a list of musical couples. But this time I decided to be fun with it and list musical couples that are not part of a love triangle, which means some musical couples will not be on this list.

  1. Jack and Katherine
  2. Simba and Nala
  3. Aladdin and Princess Jasmine
  4. Harold Hill and Marian
  5. Roger and Mimi
  6. Collins and Angel
  7. Maureen and Joanne
  8. Nellie and Emelie
  9. Joe Cable and Liat
  10. Sandy and Danny
  11. Pippin and Catherine
  12. Tony and Maria

What are some of your favorite musical couples not part of a love triangle?

Things Musical Fans Easily Get Impatient About

This title of the post sound bizarre of crazy. But there are actually some things that those who are massive fans of musicals easily can get impatient about and below I will write a list about what some of those are.

  1. When in the auditorium, waiting for the show to begin
  2. When in the lobby, waiting for the auditorium doors to be opened
  3. After buying tickets or after finding out you are seeing a certain show, actually waiting for the day you are seeing that musical
  4. Actually waiting for the tickets to open up to buy for the show you want to because sometimes it feels like forever because first season ticket holders buy first and you have to buy last because you may not be a season ticket holder
  5. Waiting to hear about the upcoming season

This does sound like a crazy list. But it is so true. Musical fans could probably relate to everything I wrote on that list. When you are naturally an impatient person, waiting on these things is even harder

Recent Musical Characters of My Life

While yesterday’s post talked I brought up a list of memorable younger characters, this post I will write a list of memorable characters that come from the more recent years. My love of musicals was turned into a passion in the more recent years. The more recent years began in the year 2012. It is interesting seeing how different and similar these characters are. This list is actually longer than the more younger years especially considering this is where my passion comes from.

  1. Jean Valjean
  2. Eponine
  3. Fantine
  4. Gavroche
  5. Enjolras
  6. Students of the ABC- all of them
  7. Jack Kelly
  8. Crutchie
  9. All the Newsies
  10. Davey
  11. Les
  12. Katherine Plumber
  13. Pippin
  14. Harold Hill
  15. Winthrop
  16. Don Lockwood
  17. Cosmo
  18. Nellie
  19. Annie Oakley
  20. Tevye
  21. Christine
  22. Raoul
  23. Sancho Panza
  24. Don Quixote
  25. Aldonza
  26. Mark
  27. Roger
  28. Mimi

The reason why I developed a passion in the more recent years was because of Les Mis. ‘

What are your favorite musical characters from the more recent years?

Musical Characters From My Childhood

As some may know, I have been a musical fan for quite a long time. My journey began back in elementary school and continued into now. The enjoyment of musicals I had of musicals in elementary school developed into something so much bigger than that. But what exactly were some of the most memorable characters from my younger years? Well, those characters don’t just come from elementary school. They also spread into middle school, but stop in summer of 2006. Any Disney character from those days I did at one point did get forgotten about, but were eventually remembered.

  1. Annie
  2. Belle
  3. Aladdin
  4. Simba
  5. Fiyero
  6. Elphaba
  7. Glinda
  8. Maria (Sound of Music)
  9. Von Trapp Children (7 of them)
  10. Sandy

What are some of your favorite childhood favorite musical characters? Tomorrow’s post, I will talk about my favorite recent musical characters, those from 2012 to now.