Musical Movies and Live Musicals

There are two main ways to experience musicals. There are the musical movies and there are seeing them live. But which way do I prefer? In my opinion, there is nothing like a night at the theatre where you see a musical live? But why do I prefer seeing a musical live over seeing a movie musical? For starters, there is nothing like the power of live theatre.

Emotions are higher when at a live performance. That is true for both positive and negative emotions. Even some of the deeper emotions can be stronger when seeing a musical live. One way emotions are stronger has to do with the orchestra. Hearing the first notes of an orchestra at an actual performance is even more exciting at a live performance, which makes an emotion like excitement stronger. The negative emotions are stronger live as well. All of the emotions are heightened more when seeing a live performance and the orchestra sounds stronger live than hearing it in a movie musical.

Another way emotions are stronger has to do with the actors. In a movie musical, you are watching the actor on a screen. But during a live performance, the actor is right in front of you. So the actor is feeding off of your reactions and you are feeding back to them and that affects their performance. That back and forth nature is part of why emotions are stronger when seeing a musical live. Also because the actor is right in front of you, that performance only happens once.

Even things like dance are stronger in a live performance. Due to excitement feeling stronger due to the orchestra and the actor feeding off of the audience, there is a greater amount of energy found in the dance. You want a lot of energy in dance in a musical.

Some people have a hard time understanding why you need to spend so much money to see a musical live if you can just save money by seeing a movie musical. Well, movie musicals make access to musicals easier and that is how I have seen most musicals. But live performances are better.

What do you prefer? Movie musicals or a live performance? And why?


Author: mphadventuregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog deals with spirituality and musicals. I am finding that by writing about these, I am realizing I know more about each of them then I think I do. I hope you find my blog inspiring!

5 thoughts on “Musical Movies and Live Musicals”

  1. I definitely prefer the live experience but musical movies are also pretty awesome. They don’t carry that same sort of feeling but they’re really awesome in the sense that you can watch your favorite musicals whenever you want if there’s a movie version out there. Movie musicals also have introduced me to some of my favorite musicals!


    1. Movie musicals are incredible in the sense that I can be exposed to new musicals sooner than seeing them live. I am thinking of doing separate posts on these things: musicals I fell in love with through the music, musicals I fell in love with by the stage show, and musicals I fell in love with by the movie musical


  2. Musicals were created to be performed live, so that is the way they are best experienced. Trying to fit the energy of a musical onto film is a difficult feat and often doesn’t work very well, but sometimes it is still very enjoyable. I still love movie musicals, partially because I may never get to see it live, and look forward to getting to see many new adaptations. By the way, I just learned about a new original movie musical called “The Greatest Showman” and it looks amazing!


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