Dear High School Self

Dear me in High School,

You will be quite surprised later in life. You honestly were close-minded to certain things that you realize would have been a big mistake. It is so true.

You never wanted to take Psychology or Sociology and that sounds really odd. I am saying that because you already had the interest in both of them. I am saying that because me as a college student know that Sociology is the study of the interaction among all people and Psychology is study of the mind, which helps you to understand people better. You already were interested in helping people living in poverty in high school and that is connected to both subjects. You were already asking people questions relating to both Psychology and Sociology.

Now you will be quite surprised by this. You made a big mistake when it comes to tragedy in high school. You first discovered it in ninth grade through Romeo and Juliet. You never knew tragedy was part of theatre until high school. You will learn that tragedy is way more than sad. The only reason why you were close-minded to that genre because you thought it was just as world of sadness and no more. Each time you read a tragedy, you ignored it and pushed it far back and thought it didn’t belong in theatre. Honestly, you should have discovered that there are tragic musicals in high school. In high school, you discovered Les Mis in 2009 and West Side Story in either 11th or 12th grade, but it didn’t cross that either of them are tragedies.

You will realize after you graduate high school that tragedy is not even what you think it is. A tragic musical actually will make a big impact in your life and that musical is called Les Misérables and that one is very tragic. Through that musical, you will realize that you shouldn’t have treated tragedy as poorly. I understand it is easy to just say you will hate tragedies because it does sound like just a sad genre. But you will realize tragedy is not just a world of pure sadness. Les Mis does not have that kind of nature and same goes for Rent. Both carry an inspiring message and both are home to positive emotions. Les Mis has an underlying spiritual theme and is a tale of hope, love, compassion, forgiveness, sacrifice, humanity, and redemption. So I am telling you that tragedy shouldn’t have been ignored in high school.

Later in life, you will grow so much. You were able to discover your strong spirit in those years, but throughout college years, that strong spirit will grow and will be challenged. Through things like Martin Luther King Service Day, Campus Civitan, The Gathering, Fall Break, 12 Hour Prayer, and the Bristol Pilgrimage, you will discover your strong spirit is much stronger than you believed. You will realize there is so much to discover within you. Your love of musicals will eventually turn into a passion. You will  have some pitfalls in your life, but try to know how to get back up.

What are some things you would tell your high school self?

Author: mphadventuregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog deals with spirituality and musicals. I am finding that by writing about these, I am realizing I know more about each of them then I think I do. I hope you find my blog inspiring!

10 thoughts on “Dear High School Self”

  1. I think that I’d tell my high school self to not get discouraged when people tell me that my dreams are stupid and/or unattainable because the only way that those dreams are going to fly out of reach is if I stop trying to get there! And I’d also tell my high school self to be a little more open minded towards tragedy, I think. Like you, I didn’t really grasp the full power of the genre.

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      1. Yeah, definitely. To this day, I still generally prefer happier stories as they’re easier to read/watch without having to feel overwhelmingly emotional. However, weirdly enough, a lot of times tragedies end up becoming favorites of mine if done right!


    1. Good advice.

      I have glad that in my college years, I finally decided to give Sociology a chance because it was a subject that actually became my major. I am also glad I learned to see the beauty in the genre of tragedy, but I still am a bigger fan of happy stories

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  2. “You will realize there is so much to discover within you.” This line stuck out most to me – it captures exactly what I’d tell my high school self. People say “don’t change” but we are bound to, meant to. How we deal with those changes (positive or negative) guides our path.


    1. I know we are meant to grow. But I don’t want to change so much in a way that makes me not stay true to myself.

      Similar to what I said in my post, I will always tell my high school self “never say never”. I told myself I will never take a Sociology class, but now as a college student, am a college student. I told myself I will never love a tragedy, but once again I love Les Mis, Rent, and La Bohème, three sad shows. I think “never say never” is very easy to do

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  3. I enjoyed reading this! I’m actually in my last year of high school (or I will be this fall, anyway), so I wouldn’t have much to say to my high school self since that’s who I am right now, haha! But if I had to choose one thing, I’d tell myself to enjoy the last years of school and focus on doing well in the subjects I don’t like, but really matter (mainly, math).


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