Meaning of Being a Kid

Yesterday, I volunteered at my church’s weekday school with my mom. Even though the preschool ended, there was still lots of cleaning up to do. For me, I ended up putting together puzzles in order to see if there is a missing piece. If there isn’t I put them away and if there is, the puzzle gets thrown away.


Even though I was volunteering, I felt like a kid again. There was something about preschool puzzles that made me feel like that. Honestly, there are many times when I wish I was back in either preschool or elementary school. In those days, everything is so much easier. It always seem to be fun and there is no worry all the time. As you get older, things get harder and even though I am a college student, it can drive you nuts.

Below is a picture of one of the most recent pictures of me. This came from this summer. As some people already know, this picture is me dressed as Eponine for a Les Mis party.


During my elementary school years, everything was so fun. I did not have to deal with finals or having to work. I just could have fun playing either games or playing with dolls or reading or birthday parties or field trips or even parties at school. A lot of who I am today existed when I was much younger: meaning elementary school and younger. In elementary school, I was optimistic, funny, outgoing, and had a wild imagination, which are all part of me today at age 23.

The way I saw musicals was very different too. From the emotions I remember the best, in elementary school, excitement was the most memorable emotion in the earlier years. On top of that, the part that I looked forward to the most was dance and spectacle. Dance and spectacle in those days were more important than the emotional nature. That was only because I hardly understood the emotional side of things. In those days, I remember that Annie was my first musical soundtrack.


Even though I wish I was a kid again, I am so glad I am older. True life gets harder as you get older and that is why you wish you were a kid. Being older gave me a better understanding on things especially musicals. But musicals truly began as a world of spectacle and dance, the most important aspects in the elementary school years. Those two things are a big reason why I loved musicals in elementary school.

I can be young at heart at times and that is part of why I love Disney and why my vision of musicals was created through the musicals I grew up with, which are the ones before high school and last one I grew up with would be Wicked. Below is a picture of me at age 12 in New York. That was during middle school and I began to realize there is more to musicals than just spectacle and dance. It was at that age where I began to understand that musicals have an emotional nature. I was at the right age to begin to understand that. Even seeing Wicked was still part of my younger, but was quite essential to my musical journey.

What are some things you enjoyed as a kid? Are there some current characteristics that you first developed starting in either preschool or elementary school.


Author: mphadventuregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog deals with spirituality and musicals. I am finding that by writing about these, I am realizing I know more about each of them then I think I do. I hope you find my blog inspiring!

9 thoughts on “Meaning of Being a Kid”

  1. I loved hearing your story. Like Musicals were a big part of your life for me it was reading and writing stories. They were what I spent many happy hours doing as a child and try to cram in as much as I can as an adult

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  2. Aww this is so sweet! It’s really ironic how we wish to be grown-up as a kid, and we actually grow up we wish to become a kid again. *sigh*

    I did like Disney stories as a young kid, but I saw very few of the movies, I mostly read the books (that were based off the movies :P) but now I still like Disney musicals. Love that picture you put it on Beauty & the Beast, I saw that cast live on tour and they were amazing!

    I love how you added that you enjoy being older because you understand more, I think that’s a really important point that a lot of us miss! 🙂


    1. In so many ways, my journey of musicals reflects how much I understand as I get older.

      Elementary school: in those days, it was spectacle and dance that meant the most

      Middle school: first Broadway school at age 12. That was Wicked. Was the musical where I began to understand the emotional side of musicals. As a 12 year old, I was at the right age to understand that musicals are known to be emotional and that having a strong emotional connection is important.

      So elementary school to end of high school: musicals were all happy musicals, spectacle or dance were involved, comic aspect was involved, emotions of excitement, joy, love, and sad were core emotions that were known.

      College years (2012 to recent): well due to being much older, musicals began to be challenged. I saw Les Mis and through that experience realized tragic musicals exist and that heartbreak is a musical emotion.

      So as I got older with musicals, I understand the capability of musicals more and more. The emotions really vary from show to show and show has a different focus when it comes to musicals. So really musicals changed a lot as I got older due to life experiences and the musicals I happen to love


  3. Great post! I think that my kindergarten years really shaped me and what I have an interest in. Kindergarten really did make me discover my interest in writing and reading and that’s something that’s stuck with me throughout the years!


    1. I do not know if there was a year in my elementary school and preschool years that had the most impact on who I would become. I think it is a combination of years. Some of my interests of those years are interests of today, but smaller and less knowledge.

      Well, I first saw musicals in elementary school or maybe preschool. Just depends on when I first saw the Disney musical movies. Starting in third grade, I started to get interested in contemporary christian music through an annual Parish Weekend at this Episcopalian Conference Center called Kanuga and each weekend, this guy named Fran Mckendree helped lead the singing and we sang contemporary christian songs.

      My love of reading and writing started in elementary school as well. I loved fantasy in those days the most I think. I liked writing journals at times when on vacation and I do not know when I started doing that in elementary school or middle school.

      So many interests of today started when I was very young, but the interests were so much smaller. My knowledge of musicals is hard to believe just how little knowledge I knew of musicals in those years


      1. Looking back at the musical world is crazy. Only understood excitement and did not know about emotional side yet. Spectacle/dance were most important in those days. I am referring to elementary school


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