Review of 2005 Oliver Twist

Just last night, I watched the movie of Oliver Twist, which is the 2005 version. I still have yet to see the musical adaption.

Major Spoilers:

This movie closely followed the book. Since I read the book, it was interesting actually seeing it. I thought the acting was well done on many actors. I loved the boy who played Oliver. Just like the book, I grew very fond of Oliver. I honestly did not like many of the people Oliver ended up being around. He is only a boy, but had to around abusive and villainous people throughout his young life. He had to put up with Noah Claypole saying mean things about his mother especially considering the fact that Oliver is an orphan. Things were even more terrifying to Oliver when he ended up being around Fagin and Bill Sikes. The only person who treated that kid kindly was Mr. Brownlow, who eventually took him in and adopted him. It is crazy how all of the action unfolded just because Oliver said “please sir, I want some more”.

As a matter of fact, the actor who played Bill Sikes was so believable that each time I saw Bill Sikes on screen, I was terrified and at times even terrified of his dog. Just actually watching Bill Sikes in the movie, I ended up disliking him even more than how much I didn’t like him in the book. Bill Sikes seemed to become more terrifying as the movie went on especially when he brutally beaten Nancy to death. I hated how poorly he treated both Nancy and Oliver.

When it comes to Nancy, the main moment I loved her was when she told Mr. Brownlow information when it comes to Oliver. That was quite courageous because she knew that if she told anyone about Oliver that Bill Sikes will most likely murder her. At times she stood up for Oliver so in a way she cared about Oliver. At least she wasn’t as evil as Sikes or Fagin was.

The actor who played Fagin was able to show his villain side, but I actually like Fagin more than Bill Sikes even though I disliked both of those characters. He didn’t horribly abuse all of boys he was teaching to be pickpockets. He just wasn’t very nice especially because he was teaching all of boys how to live a life of pickpocketing.

Just by watching the movie, I fell in love with the story even more. Emotions can seem to be greater when you are actually watching the action compared to words in a book. I was terrified of Bill Sikes and that was a good sign. You could easily feel for Oliver due to how poorly he was treated and despite all of that, nothing was able to corrupt the goodness found within him.

Next thing I honestly need to watch is the movie musical of Oliver Twist. Most likely if I fall in love with the musical, the musical has a good chance of becoming meaningful. I actually saw Oliver live in middle school, but I do not even remember watching it. I actually found a journal entry about my experience with Oliver and it was only like three or five sentences and based upon what I found, I did say it was a wonderful show and did list songs that I did love. But due to not remembering seeing it, I need to form a new opinion on it.


Author: mphadventuregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog deals with spirituality and musicals. I am finding that by writing about these, I am realizing I know more about each of them then I think I do. I hope you find my blog inspiring!

20 thoughts on “Review of 2005 Oliver Twist”

  1. I watched this movie a little while ago (maybe 2-3 months ago) and thought that it was really well done! Like you, I thought that the actor who played Bill Sikes was really convincing! I think that you’ll really like watching the musical movie of Oliver! when you get around to it! It’s really well done!


      1. At least I got to watch some movie of it after falling in love with the story. Due to already having an emotional connection, it was very easy to grow fond of Oliver throughout this movie. I love the story more now. There is just something about watching the action unfold compared to reading the events


      2. I agree! It’s definitely a lot of fun to watch a story you like being transferred to screen or stage! One of my favorite parts of watching adaptations is seeing how characters are interpreted and how they’re cast!


      3. And don’t forget of just how many books he wrote. The other two classic books on my shelf are Don Quixote and Les Misérables and those two authors did not write quite as many books as Dickens did


      4. I may own four of them: Great Expectations, Nicholas Nickleby, Tale of Two Cities, and Oliver Twist, I do know of two others, which are A Christmas Carol and David Cooperfield. I discovered Dickens long before discovering Hugo and Cervantes due to growing up on A Christmas Carol


      5. One of Dickens’s books that I found really interesting was The Mystery of Edwin Drood. He never finished it because he died in the middle of writing it. So the reader never really finds out who committed the crime. There’s a musical adaption that I found really interesting too especially because there are several alternate endings for the musical and the audience gets to choose what ending they want to see performed so it’s pretty cool!


      6. Interesting book in that case. The musical of that, that is crazy how you can pick the ending of the musical.

        It is interesting just how many of the classics I have read that were recommended by others compared to those that I choose to read that were not recommended. Great Expectations, Don Quixote, and Tale of Two Cities were recommended by my dad.

        How I decided to read Don Quixote was kind of interesting. It was defiantly in 2015 when my dad first recommended Don Quixote to me. Well Fall of that same year, in my Spanish class, I did a final project and everyone picked from a list of topics and no one could do the same one. I didn’t get my first choice so I ended up doing Don Quixote. The moment I found out he was a tragicomic character, I knew I wanted to read the book because I never heard of a tragicomic character before.

        Then I decided for myself without any recommending for Oliver Twist and Les Misérables. It is odd in my house that I have two copies of Les Misérables, but that is only because I read it twice because in 2013, my dad bought me the abridged copy so over Christmas of 2013, I read the abridged, but that felt lacking in a way and honestly did not feel like a masterpiece in any shape or form. Well I also own the unabridged, which I read two summers ago and that book felt masterpiece. Through my experiences with both the unabridged and abridged versions of that book, that taught me that unabridged was much more worth reading than abridged versions


      7. Yeah, it is pretty crazy!
        I have yet to read Don Quixote but it’s been on my reading list for years now and I definitely want to read it sometime as I’ve heard many interesting things about it!
        I also have reas many classics based off of recommendations I have gotten. My love for classics actually started with my grandma giving me abridged versions of many classic books for my birthday and from there I went on to read the full length books!


      8. When you get the time to read Don Quixote, I hope you will enjoy it. For me, that was my first time I read a tragicomedy, which is a very odd genre in a way because tragedy is a genre and comedy is a genre. So the word tragicomedy sounds unusual. I loved Don Quixote and Sancho Panza the most of characters.

        Just to let you know if you didn’t know already, there is a musical adaptation of Don Quixote called Man of La Mancha.


      9. After falling in love with character through that Spanish project, I had to find a way to watch Man of La Mancha. So I found a way and it was a good movie musical as a matter of fact. It has the whole “show within a show” concept. It is slightly different from the book


      10. That book sure can take a while to read. That book is actually shorter than Les Misérables,but it took me longer to read Don Quixote. Don Quixote has some parts that are lengthy, which have can have that same annoying feeling that Victor Hugo gives us in those history lessons. A character in Don Quixote would literally at times tell a really long story and that drives you nuts because you are ready for more action to happen


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