What is Part of All Musicals I Love?

True, I have a vision for musicals and what I expect from them. True, I tend to be drawn to more complex plots than simple plots and that I tend to prefer complex characters over simple characters. However, sometimes I love a musical that is quite different than the vision I came up with the musicals I grew up with. So what is part of all musicals I love. Through “South Pacific”, “Annie”, “Music Man”, “Singing in the Rain”, “Sound of Music”, “Newsies”, “Les Mis”, “Wicked”, “Phantom of the Opera”, “Rent”, “Mamma Mia”, “Pippin”, “Beauty and the Beast” etc, they share some things in common with each other.

For starters, there is something in common with their emotions. The only emotions that all the musicals I love have positive emotions. That is only due to the fact that I love musicals like “Singing in the Rain”, “Mamma Mia”, and “Music Man”. Those musicals are very light-hearted and honestly just don’t have much conflict to even have room for negative emotions to even exist. Due to that, it is one reason why the positive emotions are much stronger than the negative emotions. But it is important that some musicals are only home to positive emotions because they help balance things out.

Yes, the musicals I tend to be emotionally connected to the strongest happen to be home to both positive and negative emotions. South Pacific, Newsies, Sound of Music, Wicked, Man of La Mancha, Phantom of the Opera, Rent, and Les Mis are musicals that do not just have positive emotions found within their songs. That is due to the fact that their plots have the right amount of conflict and complexity to have room for the negative emotions. Some of those musicals may be happy, but it is important for the happy musicals to have negative emotions or else it would feel like the sad musicals just do not belong in the world of musicals. So all the musicals I love have positive emotions and that is just about it.

This characteristic is very obvious in every musical that I have fallen in love with. All the musicals I love are home to characters, storylines, and songs that I love. Those three highly depend on one another. First, the songs have to leave an impression and then you have to invest in the emotions that belong to the songs, but that can only seem to happen if you feel like you have an emotional connection to the story and the characters. Tough emotions are only worth feeling if you don’t just love the songs because if you just love the songs, that is not honestly investing in the emotions at all since the characters are singing those songs to express their emotions.

True my vision of musicals does include spectacle and dance. But I learned recently that I can still love a musical without those two characteristics. Musicals like Newsies, Wicked, Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, South Pacific, and Singing in the Rain all are home to some important aspect of dance or spectacle or even a combination of both. However through Les Mis, I realized that you can still love a musical without having the dance and spectacle in it. Prior to Les Mis, I understood just how important having an emotional connection is, but I never realized that some musicals just do not room for dance or spectacle at all.

My vision of musicals is still exactly the same as it was when I was younger. I formed a foundation of them growing up. I want spectacle/dance, comic aspects, positive and negative emotions in the songs, and a strong emotional connection. I already have fallen in love with musicals that are not big on spectacle or dance and do not have negative emotions. However, my strongest emotional connections have happened to come from shows with both positive and negative emotions. All musicals I love it seems in many ways represent who I am in particular the meaningful musicals.

What is part of all musicals you love? Has any musical challenged the way you view musicals?

Author: mphadventuregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog deals with spirituality and musicals. I am finding that by writing about these, I am realizing I know more about each of them then I think I do. I hope you find my blog inspiring!

4 thoughts on “What is Part of All Musicals I Love?”

  1. For me, I’m always looking for good characters that I can connect to as well as great songs! Les Miz definitely threw a curveball in my adventure with musicals. It definitely changed the way I think about a lot of things!


    1. So true on good character and songs. It is hard to find good characters in a musical if there doesn’t happen to have good songs.

      Les Mis defiantly throw in a gigantic curveball in musicals. It took a while till I got to used to the nature of Les Mis because it challenged everything I once knew about musicals


      1. Yeah! Les Miz was definitely a musical that changed a whole lot for me. It was so different from most musicals I’d ever seen before and I was completely unprepared for it but now I’m so glad that Les Miz came into my life and helped my understanding and love for musicals develop!


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