Ozian Nature of Wicked

There are many places where I have seen musicals take place. I am not talking about where I saw musicals. I am taking about the settings that are in the musical itself. They have taken place in several places like New York, France, Austria, Africa, Russia, and even the land of OZ. Which of these places do I believe has been the best location?

Well in my personal opinion, it just has to be the land of OZ. It is a very colorful and fun location. Literally everything about Wicked feels OZian. The names of characters, the set, the melodies of songs, the costumes and the nature of the spectacle of OZ.

On the top of the Wicked set is this wonderful dragon and the curtain is a map of OZ with The Emerald City shining in the middle. Wicked does a good job of transporting you to OZ before the show begins. The set is very mechanical in a way since the two sides are made up of inner pieces from a clock. In a way, OZ is a very mechanical world since the Wizard has no magical power.


Below are some costumes in Wicked.

Unknown Dancing Through Life

Unknown Popular

images I’m Not That Girl

unknown For Good

images As Long As Your’e Mine

ElphabaGlindaOneShortDayOne Short Day

It is hard to exactly describe all of this clothes feels like they are from OZ. My favorite Wicked costume is Elphaba’s act II costume. Her costumes from act I feel like a much younger version of Elphaba and does in a way show some innocence in Elphaba at that point.

But in act II, her costume makes her feel more mature and the costume feels more detailed. My favorite Glinda costume happens to be her “Popular” dress, the pink dress and that is partly due to my favorite color being pink and the fact that the song, “Popular”, is my favorite song from Wicked due to it being my favorite song as a 12 year old when I saw the show on Broadway. My favorite Fiyero costume might have to be his costume during “As Long as You’re Mine” and I love the lantern involved and I do not exactly know why that is my favorite Fiyero costume. In the entire show, Elphaba, Fiyero, and Glinda are the characters I care the most about.

I think even names like Elphaba, Glinda, Fiyero, Nessa, Boq, Madame Morrible, and Doctor Dillamond feel OZian. There is just something very unique about these characters’ names.

I feel like the melodies of songs play a big role in the OZian feel. Every single one of them actually feels OZian. Songs like “Dancing Through Life” feel very magical. Even the most emotional song in the entire musical, “For Good” feels OZian. The songs feel very OZian and is very hard to exactly describe why.

The nature of the dancing and spectacle feels OZian as well. All of the dancing has a magical feeling to it especially during “Dancing Through Life”. There is one beautiful moment in the show when Elphaba shows up at the party and begins dancing, but she is dancing all alone and to everyone else the dance seems quite silly. Glinda decides to join Elphaba and turns Elphaba’s silly dance into something magical. That is one reason why the dance feels magical in a way. The picture below is coming form “Dancing Through Life”.


Because everything feels very OZIan in Wicked, it is a big reason why Wicked is a spectacular musical. It has just a very colorful and magical collection in shows, which wonderfully show a character’s development over time. Elphaba’s songs start out with innocence in them, but when you get to “Defying Gravity”, her songs begin to have a more mature feeling to them.

Of all musical locations, what is your favorite?



Author: mphtheatregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog mainly is about musicals. Every so often I talk about spirituality. Sometimes I add in movie reviews, book reviews, and about my life in general. I hope you find my blog inspiring.

12 thoughts on “Ozian Nature of Wicked”

  1. I definitely agree that Oz is a really great setting and that Wicked really brings Oz to life in so many ways! Oz is probably one of my favorite setting as well and maybe that has something to do with the fantasy feel it has!


    1. A big reason why Wicked means so much to me is because I have loved fantasy natured stories and setting since I was a kid. “Wizard of OZ” was one of my favorite novels and movies back in elementary school.

      But due to loving Wicked, it is odd watching Wizard of OZ now. Wizard of OZ just doesn’t seem to line up with various scenes from Wicked. It just doesn’t seem right. It almost seems like a completely OZ in a way almost as if Wicked takes in another separate land of OZ


      1. Definitely! I always tend to think of the two stories as alternate realities in a way. Of course, Wicked was meant to be a sort of Wizard of Oz retelling but like you said, the storylines don’t really line up all that well so I kind of have trouble thinking of it as a retelling.


      2. I actually read Wizard of OZ and in there there was a backstory to the tin man and the backstory had nothing to do with Boq at all. That is one reason why they do not line up.

        Even the Wicked Witch of the West in Wizard of OZ honestly does not seem like Elphaba in Wicked. In Wizard of OZ, the Wicked Witch of the West is quite ugly if you think about it. Elphaba on the other hand in Wicked is quite beautiful.


      3. A lot of that has to do with the fact that Wicked has had a bigger impact on my life than Wizard of OZ ever did. My relationship to Elphaba is very personal and do not want anything to ruin that relationship at all or else Wicked would loss a lot of its meaning. The fact that I have an emotional connection to Elphaba, Fiyero, and Glinda says a lot. The romance aspect is one big reason why I prefer Wicked and same goes for the friendship aspect as well


      4. In Wizard of OZ, my emotional connection is much more weaker. Wicked’s emotional impact is extremely strong considering how much I love that musical considering it is still at the very top even though not alone


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