Is Marius and Cosette a Wonderful Couple?

Yesterday, I talked about why I am not bothered by “love at first sight” in a musical. Today, I will talk about a couple that falls in “love at first sight”. Those two characters are Marius and Cosette from Les Mis. A lot of people think that they shouldn’t have been a couple because they fall in “love at first sight” and that Marius should have ended up with Eponine. Well, in this post I will explain why I love Marius and Cosette together.

Possible Spoilers:

When you first meet Cosette, she is lodging with the Thenardiers and she is eight at the time. You learn that she is horribly abused by them and is forced to be a servant. But Jean Valjean comes to the rescue after promising Fantine that he will raise Cosette as his own after she dies.


In Les Mis, Cosette is supposed to represent hope and light. True, she isn’t as developed as many of the other characters, but she grew up in a very sheltered and protected environment. Valjean only sheltered her because he is an ex-convict and if he is out much, he has the danger of being caught by Javert. Yes, I love Eponine the most out of the three despite how horrible and dark her life is. Yes, in a way it would be happy if Eponine ended up with Marius, but if that was the case it would not make sense at all and Eponine just wouldn’t seem like the Eponine we come to love.

One interesting plot point in Les Mis is the switch that happens between Eponine and Cosette. Cosette had a horrible childhood, but her life improved after Jean Valjean rescued her. The rescue of Cosette is one place where you begin to understand that Cosette is supposed to represent hope. In the case of Eponine, she starts out by being spoiled by her parents and appears to be loved by her parents however that is not always going to be the case. After Cosette is rescued by Jean Valjean, Eponine gets the same treatment that Cosette got and her parents teach her the ways of being a criminal and her family falls into extreme poverty. So due to the switch, it makes perfect sense why Cosette ends up with Marius and why Eponine ends up with unrequited love for Marius.


Les Mis is played out so nicely that it truly works that Marius and Cosette get together. If it wasn’t for Eponine, Marius would never have met Cosette after he fell in love with her. True, when Marius fall in love with Cosette, he was conflicted between his passion for the rebellion and his passion for Cosette. He does decide to fight in the rebellion after believing that Cosette is leaving. As a matter of fact, if Marius never loved Cosette, he most likely would have died during the rebellion because Valjean would not have come to the barricade to protect him. During the rebellion, Valjean learned that Cosette loves Marius and due to that, he heads over to the barricades to protect Marius.


Marius faced a lot of trauma at the barricades. First, Eponine was fatally wounded and that left him quite upset. But he still showed compassion by being with her till she died. In an odd way, it even makes sense that Eponine died because it makes perfect sense why Marius would be the only survivor. The real June Rebellion was highly unsuccessful, which is why it makes sense that Eponine, Gavroche,Enjolras and all the students died during the rebellion and it makes sense that Marius survived because if he died, Cosette would not be able to represent hope and light and Jean Valjean would have had less of a spiritual journey and Les Mis just wouldn’t be Les Mis. “Bring Him Home” is Valjean praying to God to protect Marius and allow him to survive. After Marius fall unconscious, Valjean carried Marius to safety. Marius suffered from survivor’s guilt after discovering he is the only one alive. Cosette did care for Marius while he was recovering so Cosette does show that she loves him even if it is hard to notice.


Due to Cosette representing hope and light, Marius needed to survive. Cosette and Marius did survive during all of Les Mis and did get married. Of all the Les Mis characters who survived (which isn’t many), Marius and Cosette are my favorite characters. Les Mis is such a tragic tale and as a result, I love that Cosette represents hope and light. That is why it makes sense that she got married to Marius and that both she and Marius survived all of Les Mis. True, Marius knew Eponine longer than Cosette, but why should that be a factor into who Marius falls in love with? I love “A Heart Full of love”, the love song in the piece and most of it focuses on Marius and Cosette and later it focuses on all three. This love triangle isn’t silly because love is one of the biggest themes in the musical and it means love in different forms and the love triangle forms two types of love.


In relationship to this post, below I have a link to a post I wrote about the love triangle in Les Mis.

What are your thoughts on Marius and Cosette as a couple?

Author: mphadventuregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog deals with spirituality and musicals. I am finding that by writing about these, I am realizing I know more about each of them then I think I do. I hope you find my blog inspiring!

16 thoughts on “Is Marius and Cosette a Wonderful Couple?”

  1. I definitely think that Marius and Cosette are a good couple! They’re definitely well-matched, I think! While their relationship on its own isn’t all that important to the story, the things that happen because of their relationship are very important! We see things like Éponine’s character arc become important because of the relationship that they share. Then, if it weren’t for the fact that Marius and Cosette were in love, Marius very likely wouldn’t have survived the rebellion as he was saved by Valjean. Valjean would probably not have gone to the barricades at all if it weren’t for the fact that Cosette loved Marius.


    1. Everything makes sense when it comes to the two of them. Cosette is the light and hope so in a way her relationship with Marius shows that. Marius and Cosette are two lead characters so they are quite important to the storyline. Cosette is highly important to many storylines it seems (maybe more than Marius’) and Marius is highly important to both Enjolras the students storyline and Eponine’s storyline.

      I wouldn’t have the love triangle any other way. I will always love Marius and Cosette together and as crazy as this sounds Eponine with the unrequited love because it perfectly makes sense in the way it turns out. After all that switch is a highly fascinating part of Les Mis and is one unique thing that Les Mis is home to


      1. Absolutely! The Les Miz love triangle works out perfectly. If it were even slightly altered, it could mess up a lot. For example, it would mess up a lot of character development if Marius ended up with Éponine.


      2. If it was the other way around, the switch that happens between the girls wouldn’t really be existent and Cosette would not have fully been able to show the light and hope she is supposed to represent. There would have one more death because Marius would died because Valjean would not have come to his rescue and honestly we don’t need another character to lose their life at the barricade.


      3. Definitely. And, if Cosette and Marius didn’t fall in love, there’d be a serious disconnect in the story. Without Cosette and Marius’s relationship, Valjean and Cosette would feel pretty out-of-place in 1832.


      4. Valjean and Cosette never would have separated and Cosette never would have met Marius. So much would not be right. All of the characters impact each other. You need Marius and Cosette together to help with other plot lines like those of Valjean’s, even the students since Marius is one of them, even Eponine’s, literally. All of the characters shape each other it seems. Marius and Cosette while I don’t like them as much as I love Eponine, I still want Marius and Cosette together or else I may not have loved Eponine as much as I do


      5. Never thought of it that way. I have loved Eponine since the second time I saw the movie. A lot of her charm comes from how she responds to the unrequited love situation because she responds by showing true love towards Marius. Another part comes from that spark of goodness you find in her despite being a Thenardier. Cosette life drastically improves over the years since she no longer was with the Thenardiers and Eponine’s life gets even worse and that is one of the thrills of Les Mis


      6. 100% agree. I remember my surprise when Éponine showed up in the 1832 storyline the first time around. I hadn’t really been expecting it and I was really interested in the switch that happened with Cosette and Éponine


    1. It is also one of my favorite movies. Due to my love for the musical, it led me to reading the book. My knowledge of the musical helped me read through and allowed me to finish it. It was my goal to finish the unabridged in one summer and I finished it in less than one summer. What was a coincidence was that I read the book in 2015, the same summer I saw the musical in the West End

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      1. It is coming to my hometown in December and hoping I go. Les Mis played such an impact on my musical. It turned my love of musicals into a passion. It changed my entire perspective on musicals.

        Well all the musicals I grew up with were happy so I believed all musicals will stay that way. But Les Mis taught me that tragic musicals exist and that heartbreak is a musical emotion. Growing up I already knew sad was common in a musical, but was 100% blind to heartbreak


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