My Opinions on “Love at First Sight” in a Musical

As musical fans know, there is a lot of romance in musicals. It feels as if in almost every single musical, two characters fall in love and sometimes romance is more complicated than that. Sometimes musicals are dealing with a love triangle as well or perhaps there could be a love pentagon or something along those lines. A lot of times, characters seem to fall in “love at first sight”. But what exactly are my opinions on falling in love that quickly in the musical world?

Personally, I have nothing wrong with “love at first sight” in a musical. I understand why that concept seems to happen. Let’s not forget that in a musical, a production only seems to last two to three hours. So as a result, there isn’t time to show people falling in love over the course of a few months or even years especially if romance is only a subplot. Les Mis for instance is a show that has romance as a subplot and Marius and Cosette do fall in love at first sight. That is also true for many other musicals, but the concept works nicely in musicals.




So understanding how long a musical tends to be, I have nothing wrong with “love at first sight”. Love is one of those emotions that easily translates to song and when I mean love, I typically refer to romance. I also don’t think that there is too much romance in musicals even though it is in a lot of musicals. Characters falling in love so quickly seem to bother some fans of musicals because typically, no one falls in love that quickly in real life. But musicals have to convey in that way due to how long a musical is and in order for there to be more than just romance in a two to three hour musical.

What are your thoughts about “love at first sight” in a musical?

Author: mphadventuregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog deals with spirituality and musicals. I am finding that by writing about these, I am realizing I know more about each of them then I think I do. I hope you find my blog inspiring!

10 thoughts on “My Opinions on “Love at First Sight” in a Musical”

  1. I can’t say specifically my opinion in terms of musicals, but I do believe that “love at first sight” is possible. Or if not “love at first sight” then some strong form of attachment that feels like love.

    I have written about the term “transference” in a past post. Transference is basically when you attribute qualities to a person based on someone you knew earlier in your life (often a parent or other close person). I encountered an immediate transference with the psychiatrist I had during my first hospitalization. It was soon after my mother’s death. It was if the second I saw him he seemed to be like an angel to me. And feelings of safety and admiration flooded through my brain. If I could have hugged him and kissed him that very first moment I think I would have.

    Eventually I started seeing this psychiatrist as a private psychiatrist, but the “love” or attachment (or whatever you might call it) was long firmly established in my brain. It’s been over 12 years now and I still have a form of love for him. Yes, I have gotten to know him much better, but at the same time he knows much more about me than the other way around because of doctor/patient boundaries.


    1. I think it might personally have to do with the advantage of song. Love translates very well into song. By high school, I was well accustomed to romance in musicals and it was something that became part of my vision of musicals. The love songs tend to be gorgeous and can make you fall in love with a couple so easily due to how well romance translates well to song


      1. Absolutely. The songs make it seem more reasonable, more real almost. I feel like the emotions of love seem to be strong and easy to believe even if it is love at first sight. The songs make it seem like there is real emotion, real feeling there and it’s easy to connect with that


      2. All the musical couples I have discovered all of the years that I have fallen in love with: boy thats a lot-including the ones that are actually part of a love triangle or something around those lines


      3. I remember growing up, I mainly associated love songs with couples. That was what most musical love songs were dealing with.

        True, you had “I’m Not That Girl”, but I believe when I thought of love song from Wicked, it was “As Long Your’e Mine” that came to mind. But “I’m Not That Girl” was the only sad love song in existence at the time

        Now I do look at love at all angles and when I think of love songs, I think of any love song including breakup or even unrequited love songs too.


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