Les Mis Party 2017

Yesterday, I attended a Les Mis themed party. I came dressed up as Eponine, one of my favorite characters from the musical and one of the best characters of musical theatre. At this party, the house was decorated to be Les Mis themed. Outside of the house, Enjolras’ flag was there. On a flower bed the lyrics “rain will make the flowers grow” was there. Near the drinks, I saw the lyrics “drink with me to days gone by”. So those are just a few of the Les Mis references. A barricake was made and my mom brought a tart full of love. One of the many highlights of this party was doing Karaoke to Les Mis songs.


Possible Spoilers:

In the picture above, I am dressed up as Eponine. I found all of these articles and pieces of clothing at Goodwill. I dirtied myself up using brown make up. Eponine is the eldest child of the neglectful and abusive Thenardiers. At first, she appeared to be loved by her parents, but after Cosette was taken away, the Thenardiers started mistreating Eponine and raised her to be a criminal. So she has a very empty life and not many good things are happening. Her family falls into extreme poverty. She has one source of light in her life, who is Marius and she loves him even though her love for him goes unrequited.

Eponine is brave, streetwise, tough, complex, and strong.  Despite being a Thenardier, she  does not grow up to be just as selfish and greedy as her parents. She still has a spark of good found within her, which might have something to do with Marius. That spark of good she has is a huge reason why I love Eponine. I love how despite her love for Marius being unrequited, she shows true love towards him. She loves Marius because of the kindness she shows her. He is her only light.

I love how her story ends even though her ending is tragic. She has disguised herself as a boy to be with Marius at the barricade. Marius wants to protect her from the uprising and in the stage show, he sends her away with a letter to Cosette only because he wants to protect her. She returns and gets shot, but her wounds are fatal. Even though Eponine knows she is dying, she still hopes to be with Marius. When Marius discovers that she is fatally wounded, he holds her in his arms until she dies. He is quite upset, but ultimately shows her compassion by never leaving her side.

Since I dressed up as Eponine, I will give you a more detailed analysis of Eponine.


Author: mphadventuregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog deals with spirituality and musicals. I am finding that by writing about these, I am realizing I know more about each of them then I think I do. I hope you find my blog inspiring!

24 thoughts on “Les Mis Party 2017”

    1. I loved going to this party dressed up as Eponine. Last year, I went to a Les Mis party which was hosted by the same person, but my mom just said that she wants watch Les Mis me and just wear one of my Les Mis shirts.

      So for this year, glad I got to be in character. It did help with the costume that I ended up taking stage makeup two semesters ago and still had the makeup kit. I was able to apply the dirt using brown makeup I found in the kit


      1. Yes it was. What was crazy about the one from last year was that I was called Eponine all night long after singing “On My Own” and the odd thing was all I looked like was a fan.

        At least this year, I got to dress up as her. I found all those costume pieces in one trip to Goodwill. Found it lucky that I managed to find that hat there as well. I think I did a really good job of looking like her


      2. My sister yesterday told me, I shouldn’t go to the party all covered up in all that dirt. Well, I would not go to the party without the brown makeup at all or I wouldn’t look like Eponine. I know the character better than the sister so I put the brown makeup to make it look like I am in poverty


      3. I agree about that. I think it is a good thing that when Eponine’s family inn lost their bankrupt that they fell into extreme poverty.

        Reason why that is intriguing is because her parents had enough money to spoil Eponine at the beginning. Cosette was poor and like the Cinderella person of the house and when she left, her life got better and she went from poor to rich.

        So I love that switch. Cosette went from poor to rich while Eponine went from being spoiled to being poor. I love they let you know Eponine is a good part to her living in extreme poverty when she is older


      4. Definitely. Éponine’s poverty is a key part of her character development. Without the horrible conditions she was living under, Marius’s kindness might not have moved her to love him so much. She might not have even met him. Éponine’s poverty plays a big part in all of Les Miz in 1832.


      5. When I saw the movie a second time, that was when I started to love Eponine and honestly took a while till I knew exactly why I love the character. You understand my costume and if she wasn’t in extreme poverty, she wouldn’t be the Eponine we know


      6. Absolutely. Éponine’s poverty is a huge part of her character development and is also a huge part of Les Miz. If it weren’t for Éponine’s poverty, she’d be nothing like the Éponine we know. If it weren’t for her poverty, she very likely would never have met Marius, wouldn’t have died at the barricade, and Marius and Cosette may not have met either. So much would change.


      7. Everything would change completely of the entire storyline. Don’t forget one little change ruins the entire story. So I love Eponine due what she has to put with extreme poverty, terrible parents, and unrequited love for Marius. So all of that is important to who Eponine is and all of those things make Eponine who she is


      1. I loved my musical journey and some things have surprised me along the way. I began being a musical fan when I was first exposed to them in elementary school and I believe spectacle and dance were the most important part of musical.

        Well in 2006, my mom took me to see Wicked on Broadway. Well, that musical left a huge impact on me and turned of enjoyment of musicals into something that I love. It was key to starting to understand the emotional and complex side of musicals.

        Well 2012 was when things started to challenge things up a bit. Well, all the musicals I grew up with were happy, so I just assumed all musicals are happy.

        Turns out I was 100% wrong about fact. I went to see the movie of Les Mis and I found out it was tragic while actually watching the movie. Had no idea how to respond and was so shocked and a bit confused and didn’t know if I liked it or not. Growing up I was aware sad was common for a musical, but Les Mis introduced me to heartbreak.

        Despite the confusion with Les Mis, I started researching it after the movie. So I gave the movie a second chance and I realized there was something special about Les MIs so I dug even further to know why I felt uplifted at the end. Realized it was a tale of hope, love, compassion, forgiveness, sacrifice, humanity, and redemption.

        So Wicked sparked the love and Les MIs turned it into a passion

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      2. As a matter of fact, the musicals I grew up with laid a foundations for musicals of today. I was able to discover spectacle, dance, main emotions of joy, love, excitement, and sad, and strong emotional connections. That sounds very similar to the musical world of today, but only difference is just adding the main emotions of heartbreak to the other five core ones and the genre of tragedy to the mix.

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