What Leads Me to Not Like a Musical Character?

What types of characteristics do I not want from a musical character? What makes me not like a musical character? This question is a bit harder than what I am looking for in a musical character.

First things first, I do not want a character that has nothing unique about them. It can make those characters seem kind of boring. It can make it feel like the character’s journey just isn’t that interesting at all.

Second, this might be questioning to some people. Well, I for the most part am not drawn to villains and antagonists. I feel like they can be well-developed, but they are hard to love. They tend to create the conflict in a storyline, but that doesn’t mean that I should like them. They can be frustrating since they make the main character’s journey and other character’s journeys so frustrating and difficult. I understand their importance, but still leads me a lot of the time to dislike them. True they can be characters that you end up having a love/hate relationship with them, but it doesn’t mean you learn to fully appreciate the characters.

The Thenardiers for instance are loved due to providing much needed comic-relief and being parents of two of my favorite musical characters, who are Eponine and Gavroche. But they are not fully loved at all due to the despicable nature they are. They are terrible parents as a matter of fact. They are quite abusive, selfish, greedy, and neglectful and on top of this pick pockets. After all, they kicked their son out of the house leaving him to fend for himself. They raised their daughter to be a criminal and treat her horribly so they are characters I don’t love due to how despicable they really are.


Villains are harder to love than antagonists as a matter of fact. Some villains are the antagonists of the actual musical, but some villains are not antagonists and some antagonists are not villains. I don’t like Javert even though he is one of the most complex antagonists. I just don’t like him because I feel like nothing fully stands out in the character. While I don’t like him, I have managed to feel something for him. But I still don’t like him.


Another characteristic I don’t want in a musical character is to have unappealing songs. Songs are an important part to developing character and are the center of musicals. If I find a character’s songs unappealing, it is much easier to completely dislike them.

It also can be hard to love a musical character if there isn’t a sense of relatability at all. True, some musical characters I love are characters I don’t relate to. But relatability in this sense means if you find no emotional connection, it can lead to disliking the characters. If it feels like you don’t care about a musical character’s journey, that usually means you did not like the character.

What leads you to not like a musical character?


Author: mphadventuregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog deals with spirituality and musicals. I am finding that by writing about these, I am realizing I know more about each of them then I think I do. I hope you find my blog inspiring!

9 thoughts on “What Leads Me to Not Like a Musical Character?”

  1. I also tend not to care much for villains and antagonists. I would also agree with the fact that songs are important in forming what I think of a musical character. The songs (especially soliloquy-esque songs) are how we get to know a character so they’re immensely important!


      1. Like I said in this post, Javert for instance is one of the most complex antagonists ever. The dynamic between Javert and Valjean is quite interesting to me.

        I remember when I first saw Pippin, I remember being so intrigued by the Leading Player. A lot of it had to do with the portrayal who was an understudy. The Leading Player was quite crafty, playful at times, very manipulative who is quite dark with some evil quality as well.


      2. One of the interesting things about the Javert-Valjean dynamic is that they’re practically opposites while both sharing some similar characteristics.
        I remember that when I saw Pippin, the Leading Player was probably the character that most intrigued me. The craftiness and overall cleverness of the character is very well-done


      3. The Leading Player intrigued more than Pippin actually. I usually don’t remember that much about the antagonist the first around. Just something about the Leading Player was very intriguing. A lot of it had to how the understudy who played her.

        Never realized that Javert and Valjean are opposites while having some similar characteristics


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