Blogging Goals

Currently, I have some blogging goals set in mind. Yes, some will give me more difficulty. So here is my list for goals I hope to accomplish on this blog.

  1. Gain 500 followers by the end of the year- currently have about 210
  2. To add back more spiritual posts
  3. Have posts not related to musicals and spirituality
  4. With musical posts, try to talk about some things that haven’t been blogged about before


Author: mphtheatregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog mainly is about musicals. Every so often I talk about spirituality. Sometimes I add in movie reviews, book reviews, and about my life in general. I hope you find my blog inspiring.

23 thoughts on “Blogging Goals”

    1. So glad I went with the goal I set for my followers. At the beginning of the year, my mind was for 200 followers, but a follower of mine convinced me that I can do better and was able to convince me to reach 500


      1. That’s awesome! I definitely think you can make it there! That’d be an amazing milestone to hit too!


      2. For my goal of introducing spiritual posts back into my blog, I thought of that goal because I noticed just how musical oriented my blog has become recently. I want to be able to blog about more than just musicals even though now it seems that my target audience is now for musical lovers


      3. Yeah, definitely! I’ve kinda been thinking about expanding my blog a little too. I write mostly musical posts but I think that I want to write about books and writing over here too from time to time as well and not just musicals!


      4. I originally wrote my blog to be a musical and spiritual blog. I had more spiritual posts more towards the beginning and kind of in the middle of the blog journey. But it really has become this musical blog. I feel like one way to promote this blog further to reach the goal of 500 followers is to expand from all the musical posts. I do some non musicals posts every so often, but not regularly or something like that


      5. I agree. My writing blog has a lot more followers than this blog although I don’t post there very much. I think that widening the horizons of what you post could definitely bring in more followers!


      6. It will be hard to think of what the other posts will be. Well, my blog does review movies at times, books at times get reviewed. I still will have an amazing focus on musicals. But bringing in more non musical posts will really bring out my personality even more because I am not just this musical fanatic. That is only one side of me


      7. Absolutely! Recently as I’m writing my musical posts I oftentimes find myself thinking “Boy, I bet people think that all I think about are musicals.” So I’ve been thinking about doing posts on other things that I love maybe at least once a week just for a little more variation!


      8. My parents keep on saying to me talk about more than just musicals on your blog. Some posts that will sway away from musicals will still bring them up in a way. I have some posts in mind where it will be about the classics in literature and Les Misérables happens to be one of them in forms of a book


      9. Ah, yes, definitely! A few weeks ago, I was doing a post that was supposed to literally be anything but musicals but some musicals like Les Miz, Oliver!, and Scrooge have that overlap


  1. Good luck for your goals.. Create a Facebook page for your blog and try promoting your blogs there by posting the links worked for me ,though no. of followers increased on Facebook page only (reached 1500+ in 5-6 months), but views ,comments ,likes & overall interaction & activity at my word press account increased substantially..I hope it works for you as well !


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