Favorite Female Musical Characters: Part One

I recently talked about my favorite male musical characters. Now its the time for my favorite female characters. As a matter of fact, my favorite musical character is female and I will identify which she is. So here is my list of favorite female characters.

  1. Elphaba- Favorite
  2. Glinda
  3. Eponine
  4. Young Cosette
  5. Fantine
  6. Annie
  7. Grizabella
  8. Female Von Trapp Children
  9. Christine
  10. Mimi
  11. Belle
  12. Katherine
  13. Maria- Sound of Music
  14. Anna- King and I
  15. Audrey

These are my favorite female characters I can speak of right now. The next post will go into some of these characters more into detail and explain why I love them. About the the last two, they are two characters I love, but are not from musicals I love.


Author: mphadventuregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog deals with spirituality and musicals. I am finding that by writing about these, I am realizing I know more about each of them then I think I do. I hope you find my blog inspiring!

23 thoughts on “Favorite Female Musical Characters: Part One”

    1. Most of these characters are characters that I know why I love them. Looking at this list, interesting to see which ones were part of my younger years and which ones are part of my more recent years


      1. Annie, Belle, Elphaba, Maria, and Glinda they all came from my childhood. Annie, Belle and Maria were really the ones from my childhood because of elementary school. But Belle was a character that was recently reintroduced into my life because I forgot I loved her.

        While Christine, Mimi, Katherine, Eponine, and Fantine belong in the older years.

        It is interesting seeing the difference. Some of those characters were introduced to me as a child because they were from family friendly shows. But with Phantom of the Opera, Les Mis, and Rent, they are more meant for a more mature audience.


      2. Definitely! I also feel like the types of musicals I find myself gravitating towards are slightly different than the ones I used to watch as a kid and with that come different characters as well!


      3. But some new musicals do enter my life that are family friendly and that people of all ages will enjoy. But even with those sort of musicals, just view them differently. Musicals come with a new sense of maturity when it comes to the emotions along with characters. I spend more time analyzing musical characters now because I didn’t analyze musical characters or even their emotions when I was younger. Interesting seeing how much musicals have changed and seeing what it still exactly the same


      4. Absolutely! I think that as I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more drawn to more complex characters. As a kid I didn’t really care (or think) about complexity in a character but now that’s something I really enjoy in a character


      5. Its hard to describe the complexity of Les Mis. It has multiple storylines, the story of Valjean’s redemption and Javert trying to recapture him, the tragic tale of Fantine is another one, the youthful love triangle of Cosette, Marius, and Eponine, and the uprising among all the students and even the Thenardiers have their storyline to tell. Then again, it is so well-crafted together and it is a story where all of the characters fit so nicely into the story. The songs perfectly represent Les Mis as a whole.


      6. When someone asks me what Les Mis is about, I get sort of stumped so I say something like it is a story of Jean Valjean, an ex-convict, and his journey to redemption, and a love triangle, and an uprising is involved. I mention those three because they seem to stand out the most. Still trying to describe what Les Mis is like is really difficult and always worried I will accidentally spoil something about the plot


      7. Sometimes I don’t know what is a spoiler is and what isn’t. But the deaths are definitely spoilers if you say who dies and how they die. I accidentally spoiled all of Eponine’s story once and caught my mistake too late. I probably did that more than once especially on this blog, which is why I always put the spoiler alert up on those posts. I try to not spoil anything, but sometimes you do without even realizing

        It can be hard to convince people that Les Mis has an underlying spirituality in it.


      8. Absolutely! It can be hard to determine what is a spoiler and what isn’t. I think different people have different ideas of what is and isn’t spoilery.
        It definitely can be hard to show people that side of Les Miz as some people “just don’t get it”, but I think that it’s one of the best aspects of Les Miz


      9. It can be really easy to only see Les Mis as heartbreaking, but not recognizing the spirituality is not getting the full experience of Les Mis. It is an aspect you have to search for. I have convinced some people about the spiritual aspect. Spoiling a death is definitely a really big spoiler especially in the case of the rebellion since most of them happen there


      10. I also have to be cautious. Some people don’t get why do I keep on going back to it if you are always going to feel hurt. Thats when I try to describe the spiritual side without spoiling. So what I do say is that its a tale of love, compassion, hope, forgiveness, sacrifice, humanity, and redemption. Have you ever accidentally spoiled something?


      11. Oh, yeah, unfortunately I’ve done that plenty of times! I always feel so guilty about it but in most cases, I find that the person doesn’t care too much as when it does happen, it tends to happen with people not too interested in seeing the show. I remember feeling so horrible about spoiling the ending of the rebellion once when I was just talking to someone about Enjolras (because I was dressed up as him). But I’ve never spoiled the finale, I don’t think! I’m always careful of doing that as I think that knowing about how the whole story comes to a close could really ruin someone’s experience with Les Miz. It’s kinda tough to talk to some of my friends about Les Miz as they want their first experience with it to be live and so I always have to tiptoe around the spoilery stuff when talking to them about it. But hopefully they’ll be able to come see it with me in summer of 2018!


      12. I know how you feel about spoiling Les Mis. Like you, I spoiled a death once. I once was talking to someone about Eponine and I accidentally gave away her entire story including her death and caught my mistake much too late. Turns out we both spoiled a character who died. I am careful never to spoil again. I talked about the love triangle today to someone and they asked me does it ever end and I said I don’t want to say as that could lead to possibly spoiling.

        I am waiting and waiting for the time when we can start getting tickets for Les Mis in Charlotte. Don’t know if it will be just one parent and me or both parents and me. Some people are like why do you want to see again if you already fulfilled your dream of seeing it in the West End. Well, I am just tired of it and want to see how different the 25th anniversary production is from the production I just saw and seeing it this marks a milestone for Les Mis


      13. Definitely! My friend was asking me how many times I wanted to see Les Miz in my lifetime and I found that really hard to answer. I think you’ll really like the 25th Anniversary production–it’s pretty awesome!


      14. It is still Les Mis: the same characters, the same songs, the same storyline. Now that I think of it, I more technological advanced production, which is what the 25th is works well for Les Mis due to the complexity of the piece. Don’t know what new thing I will discover this time around. I feel like if my parent’s take me, taking me would be a Christmas present even though it is coming before Christmas


      15. The 25th Anniversary production is definitely really visually stunning. The set’s phenomenal and it was pretty cool to kinda get to see how the 25th Anniversary production kinda influenced some of the set choices for the movie as well


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