Musicals Representing You

As many know I am a massive musical fan. I do feel like the meaningful musicals of my life represent who I am. Trying to describe the reason why I believe that way is like untangling a ball of yarn or trying to find a needle in a haystack. The meaningful musicals in a way show what kinds of things you are literally drawn to. The emotional connection is what makes you drawn to the characters, songs, and plot lines.

Some of the meaningful musicals have aspects that I actually relate to. In Wicked for instance, I have a very personal relationship with Elphaba. I see a lot of myself in Elphaba. That is one why in which Wicked represents who I am. It even shows I am drawn to stories about a strong friendship. In this musical, I am also drawn to a love triangle, which is so fascinating and adds even more texture. This musical does show that I am drawn more to complex plots compared to simple plots. Wicked shows I am also drawn to spectacle and dance-natured musicals and shows I love fantasy worlds.


Than there is Rent. That musical in a lot of ways does represent who I am. It shows how accepting I am. It shows I love a feeling of community and shows that I love life. It shows that I love having a close knit group of friends.


Of course, there is Les Mis. It took me a while to know why I was emotionally drawn to it. The first time with the movie, I didn’t even know how to respond due to being shocked and confused due to realizing it was a tragedy while watching it. The second round, I knew there was something special about Les Mis. I really wanted to know why it makes me feel uplifted. One thing in this musical that describes me is that I have a deep connection to those living in poverty and Les Mis is clearly focused on that community.

Les Mis also shows that I tend to be drawn to complex plots. Just like Wicked, I am drawn to a love triangle as well. The love triangle in Les Mis adds an amazing texture and emotional nature to the show. I am even drawn to Valjean’s journey to redemption of becoming a better person and continuing to grow in spirit. Even the uprising is something I am drawn to especially due to the relationship found between all the different students and their passion.

The musical shows that I am drawn to things that are connected to spirituality. I have a strong spirit and Les Mis is home to this incredible underlying spirituality. The spirituality is what I am emotionally connected to and why I am not sick and tired of the musical by now. If the spirituality was never discovered, than the show would feel too depressing.


I even love Beauty and the Beast and that one is meaningful as well. Each of the musicals I have said so far seem have a romantic aspect. When I saw the 2017 movie version of Beauty and the Beast,  I realized that I am a lot like Belle. I am a bit of a bookworm and am quite different. I don’t tend to judge beauty from the outside, but from the inside. Belle learns that through the Beast. It shows I am someone who loves Disney. I feel like romance in Disney shows some magic especially because of young couples.


Even in the case of Annie, it shows I am an optimistic person. It even shows I am a caring person as well. Annie takes in a stray dog and adopts him and cares about Molly.


Another meaningful musical is Newsies. This is another Disney musical. It shows I am someone who tends to love dance in a musical. I am emotionally drawn to all of the Newsies due to their relationship. It shows I tend to be drawn to plot about people standing up for what they believe in and that aspect is also shown through Wicked and Les Mis.


One more meaningful musical of my life is Sound of Music. It shows I love the importance of family. It shows that I have a love for music.


Of all the meaningful musicals, they share some things in common. They all provide me with an emotional connection. The emotional connection is key to many things in a musical. Loving the songs mean you have an emotional connection to the material. All of the meaningful musicals are joyful. Above are some of the meaningful musicals of my life.

Do you believe meaningful musicals represent who you are?


Author: mphtheatregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog mainly is about musicals. Every so often I talk about spirituality. Sometimes I add in movie reviews, book reviews, and about my life in general. I hope you find my blog inspiring.

6 thoughts on “Musicals Representing You”

  1. Really great, interesting post! I definitely do think that the musicals that I view as meaningful do represent me in many ways! I think that, in most cases, the meaningfulness that I find in a musical is found in that relatability and representation!

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    1. The emotional connection has to come from somewhere. It always comes from yourself so the meaning has to come from who you are.

      Sometimes when I see a musical for the first time, I automatically know what I am emotionally connected to. But for others, don’t automatically know what I am emotionally connected to (Les Mis for instance didn’t know I was connected till second round of movie). I struggled with what I was emotionally connected to in Les Mis for some time.

      Plus, life experiences do help shape musicals as a matter of fact.

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  2. I connect with musicals for a range of reasons. The story, the characters, the relationships, the songs, the music…when they all come together it’s an amazing feeling.
    I listen to certain songs from musicals when im in a certain mood. There’s such a range out there that i can find something that suits me perfectly and that i can relate to.
    Thanks for coming over to my blog, and thanks for sharing this post 🙂

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    1. I connect to musicals for multiple reasons too. The songs come first-meaning they are the first step to loving a musical: if I feel “meh” about them, then it leads me to not loving a musical. Than the characters and the story are second in line. I want an incredible batch of songs, character, and storyline in a musical. The thing I am looking forward to the most is the emotional connection and that is key to many things in a musical. This sounds crazy, but sometimes I don’t listen to a musical song based on my mood. Sometimes I feel happy and decide to play either a heartbreaking or sad musical song. I tend to play a musical song just because I am in the mood to listen to it. There are two sets of emotions in a musical: your own and the characters

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    1. Thanks for the compliment. This was actually one of my favorite posts to write. Emotional connections are key to the musicals I love especially in the case of the ones that are meaningful


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