Negative Musical Emotions Without Joy

I thought of this post yesterday. It is talking about the negative emotions, but in a different way. What would the negative emotions be like if they didn’t have joy in them. The negative emotions are quite vulnerable, fragile, insightful and just beautiful.

To me, the negative emotions without joy makes those emotions feel kind of boring. It would make me not even appreciate or even love them. That situation would be like I don’t even care about the characters. It would be like not even loving the musicals that have them especially the ones with at least one heartbreaking song. It would make all the negative emotions make the musical experience even less appealing and even more boring and less joyful as well. Negative emotions without joy would be like not even being a fan of musicals at all. It would make you not get the full experience of what it is like to see a musical. If negative emotions didn’t have joy in them, there would be no way they would be even be appreciated. Negative emotions without joy would be like not even understanding the true value of them in musicals.

I know the thought sounds crazy. But in a way it sort of explains why in the world you need joy in order to support the negative emotions. It explains in an odd way why I love feeling the negative emotions. Feeling the negative emotions is so worth it. You also need joy in order to fully grasp them and to have you care about the different characters’ journeys. I love the negative emotions even though they do hurt. The hardest negative emotion that I have to put up with it uncomfortable.



Author: mphadventuregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog deals with spirituality and musicals. I am finding that by writing about these, I am realizing I know more about each of them then I think I do. I hope you find my blog inspiring!

22 thoughts on “Negative Musical Emotions Without Joy”

    1. They do have to work together. The negative emotions alone just wouldn’t work in a musical one bit. For me, each musical that just has to happen to need a sad or heartbreaking song or songs just needs to have the positive or things would be a complete mess


      1. Besides the first emotion you feel in Les Mis isn’t even negative. The first emotion you feel is positive, which would be excitement due to the overture. The overture starts the piece and what emotion you feel first drives the rest of a musical. The negative emotions begin once the action begins and is never felt in the music leading up to it


      2. You can’t fall in the trap of being overcrowded with negative emotions in that musical. It feels like you are always feeling negative emotion, but if you look closely the positive emotions are always there.

        There are sometimes the mixture of positive and negative emotions at once. Like compassion shown at death scenes. Or in the love triangle, feeling for all three characters at once. See what I mean. The positive emotions might take a bit more searching.

        Look at your excitement level of experiencing the musical.


      3. Finding the joy in the tragedies are tough to find, but they really are there. Just like there is compassion shown at death scenes, joy is part of death scenes too. Sometimes you can’t notice joy at certain scenes if you hardly know the characters


      4. Most of the death scenes in Les Mis are dealing with characters who are not alone at the time of their death. That aspect is why there is joy during death scenes and part of why they can be memorable.

        Then, Les Mis is home to comic relief and joy comes through the Thenardiers as well due to them providing the much needed comic relief.


      5. That is so true too and that wouldn’t have been found at all if I didn’t understand the characters.

        Only one character dies without any once of happiness at all. That belongs to Javert. Everyone else don’t die being alone and that symbolizes something. Javert died alone because he was the only character who died who wasn’t to even show any sort of love while the others who died could


      6. I also believed growing up that a musical song would never happen while a character is dying. The songs play a role in why they are memorable. My emotional connection does play a role in that as well and the characters. Memorable in the sense that most of them don’t need to die all alone. I feel like if that the case, death scenes wouldn’t even me memorable in that musical


      7. Today’s post was a bit difficult as a matter of fact. I only understand the negative emotions in the sense of joy. So today’s was something out of the ordinary that I did and explained what sad would be like without joy


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