Joyful Noise

Make a joyful noise


Yesterday at my school, there was an Easter egg hunt. Each student was only allowed one Easter Egg and with the egg comes a prize. In both 2015 and 2016, I was not able to find an egg. But this year I found one and was able to redeem the prize I wanted. I have been eyeing a gigantic stuffed bunny in the student activities office and it was the prize I wanted and I even came up with a name for that bunny.


Meet Chester, the stuffed bunny I won yesterday. Typically the prize you were given relates to the number the egg was given. But because I was the first to redeem my egg, I was given Chester. The quote above refers to how happy I was to get Chester. I love stuffed animals and I wanted Chester because of how big he was.

There is another important part of who I am that refers directly to that quote. That refers to the world of musicals. In my opinion, all musicals are joyful, which does sound a bit misleading, but in reality it really isn’t. It seems misleading because there are some tragic musicals in the mix.

Well, if it is a musical you love, than all scenes have joy mixed into it. I am not talking about the positive emotions that are naturally mixed into the scene. But what happens when you are feeling negative emotions? How can there be joy in those moments? Well, some heartbreaking moments are bittersweet and have joy found within them.

Calling all musicals joyful is referring directly to the experience. It refers to the joy you feel when you emotionally connect to a musical or when you fall in love with it. It refers to the positive nature of a show. For example, the positive nature of Les Mis is its underlying spirituality. There is joy in every scene in a musical that you love because in those shows, you care enough about the characters that you want to feel the emotions. The strongest musicals tend to have either sad or heartbreak in the mix. So all musicals are joyful.

Author: mphadventuregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog deals with spirituality and musicals. I am finding that by writing about these, I am realizing I know more about each of them then I think I do. I hope you find my blog inspiring!

14 thoughts on “Joyful Noise”

    1. I know. Chester is such a special bunny and he is my first prize because the other two easter egg hunts, never found one. Musicals was important to bring up because they bring me so much joy no matter what the emotional nature is


      1. In my dorm room, I own another bunny. Her name is Beatrice Rose and is bright pink. She is wearing Frozen pjs that my friends got me for my birthday. Even made her at my school


      2. Beatrice Rose isn’t the only stuffed animals I made at my school. I also made a pink camouflage bear named Magenta. Then there’s Rainbow, a rainbow-colored dog with sparkly eyes.

        Next year, I hope to bring all my school-related stuffed animals with me. I even own a Mickey, Minnie, Sven and build-a-bear Olaf that my mom sent me and a building-a-bear bulldog named Effie that my friends and I made, a bear named Tucker. You already know about Chester, Rainbow, Beatrice Rose, and Rainbow.

        All of these stuffed animals are related to my school. Either I made them here or bought them at our Campus Shop or bought them at the Disney World Trip that I went on with my school.


      3. Some have memories attached to them like the three stuffed animals I made at Gardner Webb and Chester, who I won through an Easter Egg Hunt at that school as well. I have a blue moose with swirls that I got on my big Alaska Trip. The ones with memories are the ones I honestly would not want to get rid of


      4. I know and even next year during our critters event where we are allowed to make a stuffed animals, I am planning to make a fourth. Next year I am making the move from dorms to suites and I have a private room. I am planning to take all of my GW related stuffed animals with me and have some of live on the extra bed


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