Things that I Like That are Not Musicals

For those that have been reading my posts for some time know that I am a musical fanatic. For today’s post I want to write a list of things that I like that are not musicals.

  1. Reading- favorite: Les Misérables (Yes I said this is a post that is not musical related, but Les Misérables is my favorite one). Below are classics that I own. Have read all but Nicholas Nickleby


2. Collecting Snow-Globes

IMG_11193. Hiking– great way to destress and strengthen my spirituality           IMG_1042

4. Volunteering-particulary for helping those living in poverty

5. Pink- my favorite color

6. Glitter and Sparkles

7. Family and Friends

8. Contemporary Christian Music

9. Stuffed Animals

10. Monogram

11. Rainbows

12. Sunsets/Sunrises



13. Coloring

14. Singing

15. Learning

16. Playing Piano

17. Tennis

18. Dogs

Wow, wrote more than I thought


Author: mphadventuregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog deals with spirituality and musicals. I am finding that by writing about these, I am realizing I know more about each of them then I think I do. I hope you find my blog inspiring!

33 thoughts on “Things that I Like That are Not Musicals”

  1. This was a really interesting post! You’ve got some really beautiful copies of classics! My copy of A Tale of Two Cities is battered and I’ve been looking for a new one at used bookstores for the longest time! Also, your snow globe collection looks pretty awesome!


    1. Some of those classics my parents found for me. My favorite cover of those is Les Misérables and not saying that because its Les Mis. Those aren’t the only classics I want to eventually own.

      I have been collecting snow globes for quite a while. Whenever I go on a big trip, I always collect a snow globe. The Wicked one, the biggest one, is the one that sure stands out and it is the newest one of my collection and when mom was looking for Christmas presents for last year, she found it and knew she had to get it


      1. That is a really stunning cover of Les Miz! I love the overall simplistic but elegant design!
        That’s so cool! Yeah, I noticed you had a Wicked one! That’s pretty awesome! I’ve always liked snowglobes but have always been too afraid to collect them because I’m notoriously clumsy!
        By the way… I was wondering if it would be okay if I used this idea for an upcoming post of mine–maybe for my post for tomorrow? I think it’s a really awesome idea!


      2. I am struggling more and more with thinking of a spiritual post.

        While with the musical posts, they are easier for me to write a post about. I feel like there is so much more to explore when it comes to those posts. Even easier due to being a musical fanatic


      3. I was surprised that I once wrote a post about the importance of the orchestra or the ones about the understudies and swings and the one about the ensemble.

        One musical post that surprised me a lot was when I wrote a post dealing with all the Les Mis deaths. Got that idea after I started questioning is there some symbolism that only one character dies alone and the rest are with someday.

        Sometimes even your posts and even our conversations can inspire another musical post


      4. It definitely is amazing where inspiration can come from! I oftentimes draw inspiration for my own posts from your posts and our conversations as well! Sometimes I get inspiration at the weirdest, most random times of the day and I have to scribble it down in the margin of my notebook so I don’t forget!


      5. I try to think of another musical to analyze all of the characters and realize that there are some characters in that musical that I honestly can’t analyze. In Wicked, the one I hope to do next, don’t think I will be able to analyze Boq, Nessa, Wizard, and Madame Morrible due to me not really taking the time to get to know them and honestly keep on overlooking them.

        I only can fully analyze Elphaba and can slightly analyze Glinda and Fiyero.


      6. That makes sense. Some characters are easier to get to know than others. I also really only know the trio well. Beyond that, I know little things about other characters but not nearly enough to do full-fledged analysis on. Some characters also just don’t really lend themselves to analysis


      7. I still want to do another set. Cannot think of another musical where I can analyze all the characters. The only reason why I was able to analyze all the Les Mis characters because it didn’t take quite as long to get to know them and it is the musical I know the most about


      8. That might be the way to go! But who knows? Maybe you’ll be able to think of something to write for all characters in a musical after a while! With time, I’m always finding myself learning more thing about characters


      9. Whats hard when it comes to the Wizard, Madame Morrible, Boq, and Nessa is that I don’t love the Wizard and Madame Morrible. Boq and Nessa are only side characters. I am more focused on the friendship and love triangle than anything else


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