Uniqueness of Musicals

Musicals are quite a special type of entertainment. It is hard to believe just how massive of what musicals are capable of. It is completely hard to describe the wide range of things a musical can do. In a nutshell, musicals are a world of spectacle, dance, and song. Each musical tells a separate story with a different set of characters. The characters are wide-ranging who can be tragic, romantic, tragicomic, tragi-romantic, etc. The characters live different lives with different personality traits who go through different emotions.






Some moments of spectacle include dance, wild costumes, puppets, and circus. Starting in elementary school, I fell in love with the spectacle of musicals. The spectacle adds just so much to a musical. It can make you see magic on stage and can make you believe you are in places like an enchanted castle, the land of OZ, or the wilds of Africa.


The dance in my opinion is a type of spectacle. The dance ranges so much as well. It conveys excitement very well and just adds so much joy to an experience. The dance in Wicked feels very OZian and the dancing in Newsies is quite very different. Just like spectacle, dance adds something to an experience. Just like the spectacle of musicals, I have loved the dance since elementary school.



Now on to the songs, the most important part of a musical. The songs are where the emotions are conveyed. The main emotions that are a part of a musical exist within the songs. The main emotions of excitement, joy, love, sad, and heartbreak are highly important. Not all musicals have all five emotions because some don’t have the negative emotions and some have sad, but not in the form of heartbreak. The emotions are crazily difficult to describe. The emotional range begins with simple musicals and begins with the happiest of musicals. For me, I started to understand the emotional nature in 2006 in middle school when I saw Wicked on Broadway.

It basically begins with a musical like Singing in the Rain and eventually builds up to Les Mis. The thing with Les Mis is that it has an emotional impact that is a rare gem in itself. Unlike Singing in the Rain, Les Mis gives me a huger emotional impact and puts up with even more emotions. Les Mis has all five main emotions especially considering the fact that Les Mis is quite a heartbreaking musical, but manages to inspire and uplift you. The rest of the emotional impact exists in between Les Mis and Singing in the Rain. I will never be able to describe the emotional impact.

Musicals may have changed a lot over the years, but yet still give me the same joy that they have always given me.

What do you think makes musicals so unique?


Author: mphadventuregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog deals with spirituality and musicals. I am finding that by writing about these, I am realizing I know more about each of them then I think I do. I hope you find my blog inspiring!

15 thoughts on “Uniqueness of Musicals”

    1. It is crazy just how unique musicals are. The spectacle, dance, and song all add something wonderful to a musical. All three are highly important to me and all three are reasons why I love musicals so much


      1. 100% agree! Musicals are definitely different from all other forms of entertainment! I’ve always been sort of in awe of how amazing musicals are but as I’ve grown up, I feel like I’ve been able to understand and appreciate their uniqueness more and more!


      2. I agree. For me, I do love the spectacle and dance just as much as when I was younger. I have a larger appreciation of the songs in musicals more ever since I have a greater and more mature understanding of musical emotions found in the songs


      1. The songs are what makes a musical a musical. It allows the characters to express their emotions directly to the audience. The songs sure help with the emotions. The emotions expressed in the songs are what makes musicals so joyful.

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    1. I am 23 as a matter of fact. I grew up going to the theatre with my family. My love for musicals was sparked when I saw Wicked on Broadway in 2006. Fast forward to December of 2012 and I saw the movie of Les Mis eventually leading me to become obsessed with the musical leading me to be a musical fanatic

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      1. Wow! Fantastic! I guessed you were still very young but you already have a wide knowledge and feeling for musicals. That’s why I asked. I love your excitement and I am very happy for you that you can enjoy your passion! I would love to see Wicked once. Haven’t made it yet!


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