Love for the Spectacle and Dance of Musicals

One of the most unique things about musicals is their spectacle and dance. Some people think that spectacle and dance take away from the experience of the musical. But for me, just like songs, spectacle and dance only adds more to the experience. The dance and spectacle of a musical has always been part of my life.

Back in elementary school, I feel like it was the spectacle and dance that mattered to me the most in musical. Growing up, the kind of song I loved the most was the exciting numbers. There are many types of spectacle found in a musical like costumes, sets, circus, and dance. Spectacle and dance can help you believe in the show more. If you want the audience to believe that the show takes place in either an enchanted castle or in the wild of Africa or in OZ, you need the spectacle or else you wouldn’t believe in where it takes place.


So far, the best spectacle-filled musical is Wicked. This musical is a fantasy and its spectacle is one of a kind. All of the dancing, the lavish costumes, and the set all make you believe you are transported to OZ. Even the nature of the songs and the character’s names makes you believe. The show begins when this dragon on the top of the set operate and smoke comes out and automatically you feel like you are in OZ. Before the show begins, the curtain is actually a map of OZ with the Emerald City shimmering the middle. The lavish costumes are so beautiful especially Glinda’s Bubble Dress, Glinda’s Pink Dress, Elphaba’s Act II Dress and many of the ensemble outfits like the Shiz uniforms or the green costumes in the Emerald City.

The newest type of spectacle found is circus. I saw Pippin for the first time two years ago with my mom. The show is literally a circus. There are flips over balls, trapeze work, and even aerobatics. It provides something unique to Pippin. It is a wonderful musical filled with incredible songs.maxresdefault

There is even spectacle in Lion King and Beauty and the Beast. I may not remember seeing them live, but they are known for having spectacle. Due to the castle being enchanted in Beauty and the Beast and the Lion King taking place in the wild of Africa, they need to have  spectacle. It also makes sense for both of them to have spectacle since they both are Disney musicals. The costumes in Pippin are quite lavish and very colorful and the circus tend is incredible.

I just saw Newsies in August and it has mind-blowing dance. These boys were jumping over each, sliding under each other, tap-dancing, ballet, flips, and dancing on newspapers.  The dance is part of why I love Newsies and why it became meaningful.


There is also the spectacle found in Phantom of the Opera. So I do find the spectacle and dance very unique. Just like song, spectacle and dance adds an incredible texture to a musical. The dance and spectacle enhances the experience and provides me with a positive experience.

So the dance and spectacle provides something unique to a musical experience. What are your feelings about the spectacle and dance found in a musical?



Author: mphadventuregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog deals with spirituality and musicals. I am finding that by writing about these, I am realizing I know more about each of them then I think I do. I hope you find my blog inspiring!

30 thoughts on “Love for the Spectacle and Dance of Musicals”

    1. I agree. The dance and spectacle have a big part of musical since elementary school. I feel like back in elementary school, I think I loved the dance and spectacle the most.

      It just adds to the experience. My vision of a musical includes dance and spectacle. Any musical with dance and spectacle, with joy, sad, love, heartbreak, and excitement, and a strong emotional connection has everything that a musical is capable of and known for

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      1. I cannot believe the dance and spectacle is becoming rarer. I don’t want those moments to not exist in musicals anymore. I want dance and spectacle to continue to exist in new musicals.

        Newsies was the newest meaningful musical of my life. I got more excited about seeing it when I found out it had Tony Award winning choreography. Disney musicals most likely may not stop having dance and spectacle natured musicals.

        I feel like there is a wonderful kind of magic when it comes to spectacle and dance. The kind of nature that the dance and spectacle songs are in is the sort of sound that I associate with musicals and always want those kind of songs to exist in new musicals

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      2. Some people think dancing is pointless in musicals. That is like saying songs don’t belong in musical. Dance does the same purpose song does in a musical. It adds something to the experience and like I said, it helps with storytelling and make the plot come to life

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      3. I feel like the main emotion I have experienced in the dance is excitement. I cannot think of many instances where I felt the negative emotions when it comes to dance, but do know it helps express the dislike Elphaba and Glinda have for each other in “What is This Feeling”

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      4. I still associate musicals with spectacle and dance and is one of the main reasons why I fell in love with musicals in the first place. If I wasn’t exposed to them at such a young age, I wouldn’t have been led to being the musical fanatic I am today.

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      5. I have a better understanding of musicals now especially when it comes to the emotions.

        As in the case of Les Mis, which isn’t big on spectacle or dance, something makes up for it which is its emotional impact. I understood the emotions very differently than I do today. If it wasn’t for Les Mis, musical emotions would not been able to transform into what they are today and it did make it easier to find the negative emotions and darkness in other musicals

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      6. In high school, I was that kid who was always obsessed with tragedies. In creative writing, all I did was write stories that ended in tragedy. But I think that Les Miz showed me a different side of tragedy. That tragedy doesn’t have to just be miserable–it can be inspiring too. I think that I’ve learned a lot from Les Miz.

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      7. I believed tragedies were just sad, which was all I interpreted it was. But the 2nd time I saw Les Mis, I knew there was something special in there. I was able to learn tragedies can be more than heartbreak and can be inspiring. I have a better understanding of tragedy ever since Les Mis entered my life

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      8. It’s kind of funny to look back on how Les Miz has changed so much of how I think. I have it in physical evidence right before my eyes if I just open my writing files. One story I wrote years and years ago ended in abrupt tragedy and no other emotion than sad. Then, in the novel I wrote last year, I see traces of more than just tragedy in the ending. And I definitely think that Les Miz has caused that change in understanding of tragedy in me.

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      9. Les Mis affected how I view musicals. I was able to explore musical emotions in a different light. I feel like since Les Mis, I am more in tune with musical emotions. Heartbreak in my opinion is the main source when it comes to sad in a musical and is quite a gorgeous, vulnerable, and fragile emotion. Even I cannot explain the difference between a song that is just sad and a song that is heartbreaking

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      10. No matter what, the spectacle and dance will always be one of the best parts about a musical. I am glad I actually knew sad was a common musical emotion growing up, which actually prepared me in a way for Les Mis. Les Mis was like “are you sure you know the emotional world of musicals that well” and it sure tested everything I knew about musical emotions. It went above and beyond. Now musical emotions are even more special than they have ever been

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    2. Hi MyMusicalAndWritingLife and mphadventuregirl!

      Likewise! I also enjoy small dance ensembles and solos. One can still recall the hypnotic movements of Isadora Duncan who passed away nearly 90 years ago!

      By the way, I notice that mphadventuregirl subscribes to a couple of orchid blogs. I would like to welcome you to my orchid website at

      I also notice that you have subscribed to the new website that I created under the title “Jacaranda Natural Healing Centre”.

      Happy March to both of you! May you have a very lovely weekend to enjoy soon!

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