Favorite Musical Movies

As everyone on this blog knows by now, I am a huge fan of musicals. The musical movies are how I have seen the most musicals. Listed below are some of my favorite musical movies, which includes non-stage movie musicals.

  1. Les Misérables- favorite current movie musical
  2. Annie- favorite musical in elementary school
  3. Beauty and the Beast
  4. Aladdin
  5. Lion King
  6. Sound of Music
  7. High School Musical
  8. South Pacific
  9. Singin’ In the Rain
  10. Enchanted
  11. Grease
  12. Frozen
  13. Tangled
  14. Mamma Mia
  15. Fiddler on the Roof
  16. White Christmas
  17. Man of La Mancha

What is your favorite musical movie and what are some of your favorites. Many of the ones on this list I have fallen in love with through their movies.


Author: mphadventuregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog deals with spirituality and musicals. I am finding that by writing about these, I am realizing I know more about each of them then I think I do. I hope you find my blog inspiring!

28 thoughts on “Favorite Musical Movies”

  1. I’m not gonna include Disney because otherwise my list will be pretty much all Disney movies, lol! So for non-Disney movie musicals, I love Les Miserables, Fiddler on the Roof, Oliver!, Flower Drum Song, Sound of Music, The Music Man, etc.


      1. I saw a show on Broadway when I was 12 and that was Wicked and that was special because I was with my mom. I also saw musicals in Florida, Missouri, South Carolina, North Carolina (where I have seen the most), and all the way in London.

        Wicked on Broadway and Les Mis in London. Things came full circle with those. Both dates with mom and both my #1 favorite musicals.

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  2. While I’m really grateful for the Les Miz movie, I am on a ban for watching it with other people (a ban initiated by my family) because apparently I spend a lot of time ranting about how Enjolras likely would not have worn boots, etc., etc.. Yeah… I know, it’s weird.
    My favorite musical movies though, are probably Les Miz, The Music Man, Tangled, Singing in the Rain, Scrooge, Hello, Dolly!, and Cinderella!


    1. That ban sounds ridiculous. I talk about Les Mis a lot in my family and I am always allowed to watch it. I either watch the movie or that 25th anniversary concert film.

      I love Singing in the Rain due to just how pure fun it is nice. As much as I prefer musicals that have sad involved in the songs, I don’t want them to be in all musicals. Without musicals like Singing in the Rain, musicals would be a bit off balance


      1. Hahaha! Yeah… it’s kinda ridiculous! But… I totally get it. Last time we watched a historically set movie, I was ranting about costume inaccuracies so… essentially whenever we watch the Les Miz movie, I either have to zip it on costumes or watch it on my own. My dad likes listening to my weird Les Miz theories though! As long as I’m not ranting about historical inaccuracies, everything’s good but it’s kind of difficult for me!
        Singing in the Rain is actually a movie I just recently watched for the first time! I fell in love with it immediately and loved all the tap dancing and stuff!


      2. Definitely! I don’t know why I didn’t see it before this year, actually! Well… actually it probably has something to do with the fact that romance is too big a plot in the movie for my dad to fully enjoy it so I never actually saw it until my dad got my mom the movie for her birthday and we all watched it. Immediately fell in love with it though!


      3. I was surprised I even knew some of the songs. I had heard “Singing in the Rain” and “Moses Supposes” before. This musical is one of the happiest musicals in existence and that is one of the biggest reasons why I love it


      4. Its crazy in a way because I do prefer the musicals that have to have those negative emotions in the score. But Singing in the Rain and Music Man do show that there a few exceptions to that


      5. Those two plots have an incredible plot and just don’t have need of those negative emotions. You want musicals to all be balanced among each other, which is why Music Man and Singing in the Rain are ones to fall in love with


      6. The negative emotions don’t really become part of the picture until a simple plot has the right amount of conflict and some level of complexity. The happy musicals are the ones where those negative emotions truly begin. That is a lot: From Music Man/Singing in the Rain all the way to Les Mis- that is a big range


      7. I cannot even explain the emotional range of musicals. The emotional range is always changing even in musicals you already are in love with. The range is so complicated and the emotional range used to be not as complex as it is today.


      8. So true about that. I first saw Wicked when I was just 12 and each time I saw it live, the level of vulnerability increased, which made the level of complexity increase with it even though I always have the feeling of being 12.

        So last year, I felt the most vulnerable the 4th time. I came in knowing “I’m Not That Girl” was a heartbreaking song, a song that was once just sad. Not the 3rd time I realized it, but sometime in between those two times. Than during the show, I really thought I would strongly dislike “No Good Deed” again like the other three times, but finally found something out of that song and was able to pick up on its emotions. Those two realizations are what increased my vulnerability level, but for that unrequited love song, I still need to make sure to keep some innocence alive in that due to who Elphaba is at that point into the story.

        Wicked is the best way of explaining how complexity grow over time as I grew over time. Each time, the complexity grew, which means the emotions grew with it as well. It is the best way to describe how the emotional nature changed over time


      9. That is definitely an interesting story of growth in complexity! I think that for me, the best example is Oliver!. When I first saw the movie version when I was five, I was just absolutely fascinated by the dances but as I grew up I grew to see it as an emotional story full of complex characters and emotion


      10. In middle school, I actually knew musicals actually have an emotional nature and musicals were no longer just about the spectacle and dance, but also a story dealing with the emotions. The complex plots are so fascinating to discover and just cannot believe just how complex Wicked has grown over the years


    1. I have not yet seen La La Land at all. Just never have been able to see it. I am a college student and this blog helps deal with the stresses of college life. I am a massive musical fan, which is why one of the main subject matters of my blog is musicals

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