Little Shop of Horrors Review

This weekend, I have been busy house managing my college’s production of Little Shop of Horrors. The first two nights during the show, I sat in the lobby just listening to the show. From those two nights, I could tell it was a well-done production due to how incredible the singing voices sounded. But last night, actually watched the entire production and I throughly enjoyed it.

Before watching it, I knew about the characters of Seymour and Audrey. I also heard the songs “Little Shop of Horrors”, “Skid Row”, “Grow for Me”, “Somewhere That’s Green”, and “Suddenly Seymour”. I knew that it dealt with a man eating plant and I also knew that this production used four different puppets when it came to the plant.

Possible Spoilers:

The opening of Little Shop of Horrors drew me in right away. Those three singers who open up the show were incredible. Those three had to sound perfect together and in a lot of ways, those characters were sort of like the narrators of the production. The set was very effective and just wonderful.

The cast in this production was incredible. I especially loved the actors who played Audrey and Seymour. They were a wonderful pairing and especially loved during “Suddenly Seymour”. Audrey and Seymour are actually my favorite characters in Little Shop of Horrors. Seymour and Audrey work at Mr.Mushnik’s  Floral Shop and Seymour has a crush on Audrey. “Suddenly Seymour” is the love duet between the two characters and it also is my favorite song from the show.

Orin was very convincing. This is one of the characters that I don’t like. I just don’t like how he treats Audrey and is quite abusive when it comes to her. I even don’t like how he works as a dentist. But, I still loved the acting and singing coming from him.

I loved what the actual plant looked like even though I didn’t love that plant as a character. Its taste for blood and human flesh is bizarre. The most bizarre on-stage deaths I have seen have come from being eaten by this extremely manipulative and very rude plant. In this production, the plant ate Orin, Mr. Mushnik, Audrey, and Seymour. All of the leads were eaten by this plant. Coming in, I basically knew the plant was going eat all of these characters, but that is part of the “fun” of this musical.  I was the least affected by the deaths of Orin and Mr. Mushink. But it was the deaths of Audrey and Seymour that affected me the most because they were my favorite characters. l literally wanted to cry at the death of Audrey. Seymour saw her being eaten by the plant and pulled her out, but she was mortally wounded thanks to the plant. She got to die in the arms of Seymour and I literally had the urge to tear up at that scene. That plant was so particular about what it ate.

Loved seeing how it grew over time. The plant is the reason why the floral shop has had a lot of success. But the voice of the plant was extremely incredible and quite convincing

So overall Little Shop of Horrors is a horror comedy. It was throughly enjoyable. The acting and singing was incredible. It was such an enjoyable experience and loved the choreography. The production picked some of the best puppets for the plant. While Little Shop of Horrors is not a favorite musical of mine, I still think it is a good show. This was actually the first time I ever fully experienced this musical.


Author: mphadventuregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog deals with spirituality and musicals. I am finding that by writing about these, I am realizing I know more about each of them then I think I do. I hope you find my blog inspiring!

25 thoughts on “Little Shop of Horrors Review”

    1. Cannot believe that I only saw two musicals at my college. It only does a musical every other year and as a musical fan, it can be frustrating.

      The other musical I saw at this school was Music Man. Boy, the year I saw Music Man was…cannot even put into words what that musical year was like with not one, not two, not three, but four musicals with the other three being Pippin, Les Mis (West End), and Sound of Music. Each time I mention Music Man when it comes to that year, I cannot help but think of the other three musicals


      1. That sounds like an awesome year! Whew! I’ve yet to see The Music Man live but I definitely really, really want to! Because, as much as I love the movie version, I feel like there’s something about those songs that would be so awesome live!


      2. The thing about that year is I think that year started and ended perfectly. Starting with Music Man, the most light-hearted of them all, eventually ending up at Sound of Music and that was a perfect ending due to being in love with the show since childhood so it was special


      3. That definitely sounds like a golden year! In 2015, I also saw The Sound of Music! I think that if I could, I’d go to see The Sound of Music annually the day after Thanksgiving. It just seems like the perfect ending to a year, like you said!


      4. Between all of them, I was expecting to see Pippin and Sound of Music the least.

        At the beginning of the year, I knew I was going to see Music Man because I knew that it was going to be shown at my school. I did know that about that England trip and I was already told that I was gong to be seeing a show there, but I did not know what show that was going to be until June (that was irritating having to wait and that was when they actually got the tickets).

        As for Pippin, Mom got tickets the week before and that was quite lucky. There was only one day left with two seats together. Les Mis, which was the third show, I thought that was the last musical of the year. Than one day at school, my mom sent me a message telling me about Sound of Music. If it ended up Les Mis in London, it still would have the ending to a perfect musical year


      5. Wow! Sounds like quite a year! The two shows I saw in 2015 were Phantom and The Sound of Music and both were severely last minute. I found out Phantom’s tour was coming to Seattle about two weeks before it arrived and by the time I convinced my dad and my sister to come with me, there were only a few seats left and they were all at the tippy-top of the theatre so we were lucky to snag those!
        Then, about a week before Thanksgiving, my dad slid me a flyer for a production of The Sound of Music that the 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle was putting on and he bought two tickets and sent my mom and me to see it the day after Thanksgiving. It was an absolutely amazing production and we actually got decent seats despite being late to buy tickets!


      6. Wow what a musical year. These musicals where dance and spectacle, comedy, wow those emotions of that year (can’t describe on bit: any year with Les Mis in the batch that happens). The thing with Les Mis and Pippin is that they were both dates with my mom where we sat five rows back and nine rows back


      7. Nice! I’ve never, ever sat that close to the stage before! I think the closest to the stage I’ve ever been was when I’d gone to see The Sound of Music. I don’t like going to the theatre alone so I always have to get someone to go with me. More often than not, it’s my mom who goes with me and we always have a really great time!


      8. Mom and I literally had no choice when it comes to Pippin of where we sat. As for Les Mis, when tickets were bought, mom really wanted me to have wonderful seats since it was my dream to see it in London.

        That year, Pippin was what I could call the spectacle show of that year. While Pippin, Sound of Music, and Music Man were the happy musicals of the year, it was Les Mis that actually gave me the most joy


      9. I have my mind set on getting good seats for the next time I see Les Miz. I’m gonna save up just for that because I know that it’ll be 100% worth it and I can go without buying new books fot a few months.
        I love how Les Miz, despite being such a heartbreaker can be a musical that brings so many people joy!


      10. I remember when I saw Les Miz live, from the moment the overture started, my eyes were glued to the stage and I just couldn’t look away! From start to finish, I was just absolutely enthralled that I was actually getting to see Les Miz live. Actually, you’ll probably think that this is weird but: when I first found out that Les Miz was closing on Broadway, I sat down to watch the movie with my mom and dad and when the main menu popped up and “Do You Hear the People Sing” started playing, I started to tear up because I was 98% certain that I’d never be able to get to see it live. But, voila, I got my mom and myself to New York a few months later. Sometimes I still can’t believe that I saw Les Miz live


      11. I feel the same way about seeing Les Mis in London. I remember walking to the theatre and the moment I saw the Queen’s theatre I was like is this really happening and even in the auditorium and seeing the set and still thought that. But than the lights went off and the music began, I knew some dream was reality.


      12. I already know whats it like to see a show in Spanish, but did not understand what is going on. So I knew I wanted to see a show again in Spanish, but wanted to understand what was going on so Les Mis came to mind and to me Les Mis is the kind of show that would be wonderful in another language due to the extremely powerful emotional nature


  1. When I was young, the popular way to spend the weekend was to go to the theater at midnight to see Little Shop Of Horrors. It was full of audience partition. I cannot remember what it is we used to do to participate, but it was a lot of fun.


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