“For Good” Analysis

In my personal opinion, the most emotional song in Wicked is “For Good”, a bittersweet duet between Elphaba and Glinda. The song is even more emotional than the heartbreaking “I’m Not That Girl”. One of the most unique things about Wicked is that it is about the friendship between Elphaba and Glinda. It has two strong, complex, and young women and it follows their relationship. These two girls start out as extremely reluctant roommates and eventually became the best of friends. Their friendship starts after they bonded at a school dance.

Major Spoilers:

They do find themselves both in love with Fiyero. At first, Elphaba has unrequited love for Fiyero. She didn’t realize that she fell in love with Fiyero until right before “I’m Not That Girl”. Through a plot twist, the unrequited love shifts to Glinda.


In act II, Fiyero breaks up with Glinda after hearing people say rude comments about Elphaba. He just couldn’t believe that she is sticking with them. Glinda does not like hearing the rude comments either, but she doesn’t want to lose her popularity. This is when Fiyero realizes that he loves Elphaba. Sometimes I wonder about Fiyero. I am beginning to think that he had a crush on Elphaba without even realizing it. I found clues right before “I’m Not That Girl” and clues right after that scene that makes you wonder if he has loved Elphaba before he broke up with Glinda.


“For Good” happens at about the very end of Wicked. This is the last time Elphaba and Glinda will see each other. They realized that they changed each others lives for the better. The song is quite emotional, bittersweet and very powerful. They are literally saying what they mean to each other. They know that they were never forget each other.This is the song where everything comes together.

Throughout Wicked, you realize that Elphaba was never wicked, but just misunderstood. Elphaba has a big heart who is smart, determined, talkative, and passionate. Glinda is quite funny and popular who feels privileged. The core of Wicked is the relationship between these two girls. That is why “For Good” is the most emotional song in Wicked. The last time I Saw Wicked, which was my fourth time, I cried during “For Good” because the Elphaba and Glinda were that brilliant.




Author: mphadventuregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog deals with spirituality and musicals. I am finding that by writing about these, I am realizing I know more about each of them then I think I do. I hope you find my blog inspiring!

9 thoughts on ““For Good” Analysis”

  1. I always feel especially bad for Glinda in this scene. It’s a bittersweet moment for both but I always feel bad for Glinda because shortly after this, she has to think that her best friend is dead and go on with life, pretending to be happy about it


    1. The friendship between Elphaba and Glinda is so unique in Wicked. This show has two female protagonists and revolves around their friendship. Yes, the romance is important, but as important as the friendship between these two girls


      1. To love a musical since 2006 and to see how far it has deepened is quite special. The last time felt like the best by far. Everything was deeper and the negative emotions were so much more capable that time around.


      2. My mom thinks I am done seeing it in the theatre. It is crazy how much it changes each time I see it. Each time I see it, I feel like the emotions have been felt the deepest they can go. But each time, I feel more and more vulnerable, which strengthens the musical. Even though the plot is exactly the same and the same main emotions, there will always be something new


      3. Yeah, there are shows that I have seen so many times in the theatre that some people think that I ought to retire from it as it were but the thing is that every time I see a musical in theatre, there is something different–something new–to take away from it even if I’ve seen it live four or five times


      4. I have spent all of these years in Wicked spending so much time on getting to know Elphaba. Last time, I appreciated that love triangle more than ever due to my realization about “I’m Not That Girl”. My roommate did ask me, how can you become more vulnerable to a show if you already know what is going to happen? I think you grow more vulnerable to a show over time because you mature and grow as a person. So many things shape how a musical changes over time


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