Memorable Musical Antagonists/Villians

This is a list of antagonists and villains in musicals that are memorable. They are characters  I usually never like, but some I care a bit about and some I have a love/hate relationship with. Next to each I will explain why they deserve to be on this list.

  1. Javert- one of the most complex antagonists and the dynamic between Javert and Valjean is quite fascinating
  2. Thenardiers- much needed comic relief and this might sound crazy, but I do love their children: Gavroche and Eponine. But at the same time they are abusive, greedy, selfish, pickpockets, unloving. Have a love/hate relationship with them
  3. Leading Player- quite crafty, dark at times, playful in a way, very manipulate
  4. Miss Hanigan- love her sense of humor even though she is abusive

This are the only characters I can think of that are memorable. I was trying to think of a Disney antagonist or villain that deserves to be on this, but couldn’t think of one.


Author: mphadventuregirl

I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog deals with spirituality and musicals. I am finding that by writing about these, I am realizing I know more about each of them then I think I do. I hope you find my blog inspiring!

35 thoughts on “Memorable Musical Antagonists/Villians”

    1. I first saw Pippin two years ago and I had an understudy playing the Leading Player. In “Magic to Do”, she was singing in a playful manner but a tad bit of evil underneath. But once “Glory” started, you really start to realize just how dark she is. This leading player keeps on having Pippin make several wrong decisions and I was shocked that she was trying to lead Pippin to jumping in the fire, which was a matter of suicide, which was not very nice at all


      1. The actress I saw made me fascinated by the leading player. I sort of like how she is the narrator of Pippin. Pippin never once realizes that he is being manipulative and realizes it at the very end


      2. I would have to agree. He realized that where he is meant to be is with the love of this life, Catherine. Cannot believe he had to figure it out at the very end of the musical. Catherine helped him figure some of this out


      3. Yeah, that’s very true! I think that the storyline of Pippin is one of my favorites. Actually, a history teacher of mine knew that I like musicals and he gave me his Pippin CD because he no longer had a CD player and that’s how I found out about Pippin


      4. I found out about Pippin when one of my parents had me listen to “Corner of the Sky” and I automatically fell in love. Just by listening to the song, I knew that I had to see the musical live and I was more convinced I had to see it live when I actually watched a preview. One of the best parts about Pippin is all of the circus elements that Pippin has.


      5. The circus elements are AMAZING in Pippin! I didn’t get to see Pippin until quite a while after my teacher gave me the CD but their Tony Award performance completely blew me away and I was so happy when they won Best Revival of a Musical!


      6. In 2015, I knew Pippin was coming to Charlotte and it seemed as if I will never see it. Well my mom got tickets for her and me to see Pippin the week before we saw it and there was only one day with two seats together left and we were five seats back from the stage.


      7. Those four musicals were seen in three different places. I think it was quite fitting that Music Man was first because it was the most lighthearted out of all of them and saw it in Boiling Spring, North Carolina at my school.

        The next musical, Pippin, I saw in Charlotte with my mom and had a level of darkness in it and was the spectacle musical of the year. Saw two understudies that night for Pippin and Leading Player.

        The third musical, which was the best, was Les Mis with my mom in the West End. I saw an understudy play Valjean. It was epic and passionate. It did give me the most joy out of all musicals even though the other three were the happy musicals.

        The fourth musical, Sound of Music, I saw with my mom and sister. This out of all them has been part of my life since the beginning.


      8. That’s super awesome! I bet the West End production of Les Miz was amazing! I want to go to Germany (or Austria) some day soon so that I can see the musicals that I love that will probably never be translated to English.


      9. This might make you sound jealous as well, but mom and I were nine rows back from the stage. So much shows that I saw with just my mom: Pippin and Les Mis, were close up to the stage and had understudies. It was Les Mis that ultimately made 2015 the best year of seeing musicals


      10. Whew! That’s super cool! I want to see the original production some day. The revival production is great and everything and I’m so glad that I got to see it but it’s been a dream of mine to be able to go and see the original production


      11. hopefully you get to go. All it took was hearing one note and I knew it was going to be more than expected. I had seen it three before at the theatre, but community college (did feel professional), but this was the first time I saw a professional company of it. Everyone was awesome ranging from ensemble to leads


      12. If you get to see the revival production, it’ll be a little more cinematic and a little less simple. Personally, I kind or want to see the Original Production because of its simple set design. But the revival set is amazing when it comes to things like Javert’s suicide. That was another mind-blowing part for ms


      13. However, when I saw Les Mis at my community college, which was when I saw Les Mis the first time, “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” was not simple. There were candles involved in that one and quite effective.

        The nice thing about the West End production is that the revolve helps with time change and even is so effective at the barricade. There are moments at the barricade where it turns and it is incredible.


      14. I want to say that my community college production had some elements that come from the 25th anniversary production. The beginning the convicts were rowing just like the new production. Even though I haven’t seen the 25th anniversary, still know some of the differences with the scenes


      15. Some people don’t get why I am still not tired of Les Mis especially if it is going to make me feel hurt all the time. I guess those people still cannot see the inspirational side of it. Everything about Les Mis is perfect and love the thrill of Les Mis’ emotional roller coaster


      16. To fully understand Les Mis, you need to see both the heartbreaking nature and the inspirational nature and interlock them together. One cannot function well without the other.

        “To Love Another Person is to See the Face of God” and “Even the Darkest Night Will End and the Sun will Raise” truly shows the inspiration of Les Mis.


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