Analysis of Enjolras, the students, and Gavroche

Major Spoilers:

This is my last Les Mis character analysis.


This is when we first meet these characters. We first get introduced to both Gavroche, Marius, and Enjolras in “Look Down”. Marius and Enjolras are trying to rally up people to support their upcoming uprising. General Lamarque, the only person in the government that cares about the poor, is dying of cholera.

Enjolras is the leader of all the students and is also the most passionate about the cause. There are eight other main students, which includes Marius. They are basically like a group of brothers and their relationship is close. They basically take in Gavroche, a Thenardier and a street urchin.

As a bit of background about Gavroche, the first thing we discover about him is that he is a street urchin. In the book, you learn that he is in fact one of the Thenardier children. He was kicked out of the house at such a young age and never actually really had a family. The students become like Gavroche’s family in a way. He sort of becomes this mascot of the upcoming uprising. One scene that was fun reading about in the book was when Gavroche basically took in his two younger brothers without knowing they are related. His home is basically inside this elephant. Despite being a Thenardier, he still has some kind of compassion inside of him.


Out of all the students, Marius appears to be the least passionate. He has fallen in love with Cosette and he now has two passions. All he seems to think about is Cosette and the students and Enjolras don’t think he really cares about the uprising.


During “Red and Black”, the students are planning their uprising and they are very confidant that this uprising will be successful. But the true anthem of the revolutionary students is “Do You Hear the People Sing”. All of the songs the students sing are very passionate songs. Throughout “One Day More”, you become aware of how much passion Enjolras has for the uprising. Marius is conflicted weather he should fight in the uprising or be with Cosette. Ultimately he decides to fight and join his brothers.


The next day, the students start to build their barricade and it appears as if they have a chance of actually winning. Eponine has in fact joined the revolutionaries out of love for Marius, but Marius sends her away with a letter to Cosette to protect her. Javert is also there and is only there to spy on the students and he agrees to spy on the government for them, but they cannot tell that he is an inspector.

The loud hailer does in fact warn the students that they in fact have no chance at the uprising, but they don’t listen and still strongly believe in the uprising. When Javert arrives, he does talk about their plans, but Gavroche sees through his disguise and tells the students who this spy really is.  Right after Javert is caught, Eponine returns to the barricades. She got shot fatally and dies in Marius’ arms. This scene does show the students what they are up against and they agree to fight in her name. They become so hopeless in this scene and they now realize that their chances of surviving are quite slim.

Valjean does arrive and spends some time with the students. He arrived in order to protect Marius and the students don’t trust him at first. They just think he is another spy just like Javert. But after the second attack, they know that Jean Valjean is on their side. During “Drink With Me”, you can just feel how hopeless they really feel and you also see how special their relationship is. There is line in this song that describes what is about come and Grantaire sings it. He says “Drink with me to days gone by. Can it be you fear to die? Will the world remember you when you fall? Could it be your death means nothing at all? Is your life just one more lie?”. This scene is quite sad actually and is actually sadder when you know how unsuccessful the uprising actually will be. They end up resting for the night and Valjean prays to God to save Marius from the uprising.

The next day, the students have run low on ammunition and they need someone to climb over the barricade to collect more. Gavroche, despite being a kid, climbs over and he dies in the attempt. This scene actually shows how heroic and brave Gavroche is. The Thenardier children are the first two characters to die at the barricade. The loud hailer warns the students once again and despite feeling hopeless, the students are in fact still passionate about their cause. Enjolras and the students agree to still attack and sadly all of them, but Marius, lost their lives. Enjolras, as a matter of fact, has the most heartbreaking death out of all the students.

I love all of these characters due to how passionate they are about this cause. It was important that they all lost their lives because the June Rebellion of 1832 was actually that unsuccessful. I love how much of a strong leader Enjolras is. Enjolras and Marius are close friends and as a matter of fact, all of the students have an amazing relationship.

Tomorrow’s post is a wrap-up of these analysis’


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15 thoughts on “Analysis of Enjolras, the students, and Gavroche”

  1. Really nice analysis! I liked how you talked about that part where Gavroche unknowingly took in his two brothers in the book. Yesterday I read that in Turning, according to the Les Miz script, the person who sings “Did you see them lying where they died?” is Enjolras’s mother, the person who sings “Someone used to cradle them and kiss them when they cried” is Grantaire’s sister, and that “Did you see them lying side by side?” is sung by Combeferre’s wife.


      1. That’s true. I actually bought a replica of Enjolras’s jacket because I like it so much. I think that it really is fitting for him because in the book, Enjolras is this guy that you just can’t miss; you can’t mistake him for anyone else and the jacket really helps with that on stage.


      2. A lot of actors who played Fiyero actually go on to play Enjolras. Okay, well… I’m not sure about a lot, but a few have. Aaron Tveit played Fiyero on Broadway and he was also Enjolras. Maybe that’s part of it? I think that they have somewhat similar voice types but maybe that’s just me.


      3. Oh, definitely. Fiyero may not be a character who has a lot to him but I think that he is complex in ways that just don’t really show. He claims to be brainless but the funny thing is that I think that there is a lot more going on in his mind than we ever really get to see. But I would have to agree that Elphaba and Galinda are definitely much more complex than Fiyero.


      4. She is like a role model to me. Wicked is the musical which sparked my love for musicals. It was the first show I saw on Broadway and it really shaped what I want to see in a musical


      5. I saw it three times in Charlotte. Last year, I actually saw it with my school. They took a group of 50 of us to see it. To see a musical that changed me for good with a school that changed me for the better. Good mix. The show was better than ever and I felt the most vulnerable the fourth time around


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